Superstition is No Joke!


* Major Submission: Bob and co-host  Doug McBurney are shocked to learn that Hillary Clinton was introduced at a Saudi Women's college by a professor with ties to radical Islam, (mostly they were shocked that there is actually a women's college in Saudi Arabia).

* Losing His Mojo? Barack Obama tells a joke, and no-one laughs... a sure sign that the bloom is off the rose. And that we conservatives must ensure the RE-publicans nominate a conservative for 2012, as it's beginning to look like a potted plant may beat Obama.

* Always Superstitious, Always! A supposed apparition of Jesus on a Wal-Mart receipt leads to a lively discussion of Christian superstitions and the damage they can do to the credibility of the Body of Christ.

* Forgiving Casey Anthony: An e-mailer suggests that forgiving Casey Anthony may be the best way to avoid "festering hostility" and terrible situations, (like the attack on that poor convenience store worker mistaken for Casey). Bob answers with sound biblical council.

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