Barack, Bush & Belief

* Bob Welcomes the New Year with a Plan: Bob Enyart talks about how fast time flies, about what he's praying for and planning for for 2011, and contrasts the religious statements of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Also, Bob reminds the audience of his interview with noted author Paul Kengor, of God and George W. Bush, about the political motivation of the conversion of the former president.

* Finally, a Comprehensive Listing: You're Invited to check out ARTL's March for Life Finder! [2017 Update: ARTL has taken down this site.]

* Correction re RNC Convention: Star Parker was told not to mention Jesus Christ, not in 2004 but at the 1996 Republican National Convention run by Bob Dole. 

Bob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.Today’s Resource: Have you browsed through our Science Department at our Check out especially Walt Brown’s In the Beginning and Bob Enyart’s evolution debate with Eugenie Scott on Junk DNA, and his Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory, and Evidence Against the Big Bang!