We are the Body, Israel is the Bride

Bob Enyart's life's work: The Plot* God Divorced Not the Remnant, but National Israel: And He says it will be a joyous day when, someday, He takes them back again and grafts them back in! But as for right now, there is neither Jew nor Gentile in the Body of Christ.

The Last Two Programs: provide background to this Bible Study. The first program is about the change in marriage after Adam's Fall and about the different ways that God uses marriage as a representation of eternal spiritual truths. The second program documents from Scripture God's betrothal, romance, and marriage of Israel, including the rocky honeymoon period in the wilderness, and then God's faithfulness in carrying her across the threshold of the Jordan River into her houses in the Promised Land, but sadly then, after centuries of unfaithfulness, God finally said in Jer. 3:8 that "for all the causes for which backsliding Israel had committed adultery, I had put her away and given her a certificate of divorce..."

Today's Program: concludes the scriptural saga, going from the time of Israel's divorce, through the prophecies that God will take her back again. And Bob discusses the Apostle Paul's use of the term the "Body" for believers today, and that when he uses a marriage metaphor for believers today, it is not in the technical sense that Israel is the Bride, but, as Paul put it, like in 2 Cor. 11:1-2, "bear with me in a little folly," that is, he's stretching an analogy to make a point, but the Body is not "married" to God as was Israel.

Today‚Äôs Resource: If you are not familiar with the large amount of biblical material discussing God's two covenant peoples, Israel and the Body of Christ, then you might really enjoy The Plot. Bob Enyart's life's work is based on this observation: Grasping the overview of the Bible is the KEY to its DETAILS. And the "details" are the doctrines that Christians wrestle with. This Bible teaching is available in a soft-cover book titled The Plot or in a downloadable pdf version, and it's also available in an audio recording of Bob's Plot seminars for immediate download or to receive in the mail on an MP3 CD. And have your children or grand kids heard the The Plot Boys yet? In this audio series for young people, Bob and two young boys, Stephen and Josh, teach through an overview of the Bible. The guys present this in a way that kids (and adults) can really understand, so it's a valuable foundation for serious Bible study. Also, please consider ordering the entire Enyart Library! This invaluable resource will benefit your entire family or church, give you gifts and materials to share with friends, and you'll help Bob Enyart Live reach more and more people with a Christian worldview!