Obama for Death Panels, Against Meal Deals

* The Law of Unintended Consequences Spreads Disease and Death: When a government socializes health care:
- it steals from some to give to others (violating God's enduring command, Thou shall not steal)
- it becomes a nanny state wagging it's finger at you for eating even foods that are good for you like fats
- it commissions death panels that decide who should live and who should die, like for 22 year-old Rudi Hargreaves who has lost nearly half her weight in a year and is being denied a life-saving $22,000 operation.

* Bad China Slows Down Global Warming: Really. Or at least, that's who they're blaming for the lack of global warming over the last ten years. So China's probably to blame for Montana canceling a 100-mile super marathon through the Flathead National Forest because there is still so much frozen di-hydrogen monoxide strewn about recklessly on the ground, that a number of trail signs to point runners in the right direction are still buried... in show.

* The Global Recklessness of Fornication
: A new superbug strain of gonorrhea, currently incurable, has appeared in Japan and is threatening a global health epidemic. There is no such thing as a victimless crime.

* How Mathematicians Make Discoveries Without Microscopes
: Bob gives an update about last week's RSF and RMCF guest James Nickel, author of Mathematics: Is God Silent? Nickel talked about Albert Einstein and how the personal creator God is the answer to the question that Einstein wrestled to answer. Nickel demonstrated how mathematicians turn away from the physical world and make astounding discoveries that help to explain the physical world. They use only their minds, and these discoveries come decades and even centuries before their real-world counterparts make the discovery by observational science. This was Einstein's unanswerable dilemma, answered by the fact that the universe was designed in the mind of God. And because we are made in God's image, we can, as Kepler is paraphrased, think God's thoughts after Him.

Spike Psarris fabulous video, What You Aren't Being Told...

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