RSR: Where's that Blue Star Assembly Line?

Blue star image from NASA* Blue Stars Burn Out So QuicklyReal Science Friday co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart discuss two articles in Ken Ham's current Answers magazine, one on the problem for evolutionists on the "replacement" of short-lived blue stars, and the other on the seeming permanence of "living fossils," all the many creatures that are identical to fossils that formed supposedly many millions of years ago.

* ICR Update: From the great article by Brian Thomas: Young Blue Stars Found in the Universe: "The Hubble Space Telescope, which had been programmed to search for planets, has found 42 'oddball' blue stars in the Milky Way galaxy. ...the discovery of nearby blue stars presents a particular problem for standard long-age cosmologies. Blue stars should not exist in a universe that is 13.7 billion years old, because they should have burned out billions of years ago." University of South Carolina astronomer Danny Faulkner recently noted, "In fact, the hottest blue stars could last only a few million years at best. Both creationists and evolutionists acknowledge this fact." And as for the term "oddball", see

* Journal Nature Update: A December 2012 paper, "Dynamical age differences... as revealed by blue stragglers". Ha! Check it out there or on page 11 of Creation magazine's great 2013 Fall issue! Twenty one star clusters, all allegedly at least 10.5 billion years old, have blue stars, EVERYWHERE they shouldn't be. Love it! (What do you think? Should we add this to our Not So Old list and our

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