The Real Christian Conspiracy

* Militants on a Mission: Guest host Doug McBurney reports on the concerns of representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Texas, that it is Christians, and not Moslems that might pose a greater threat to the laws of our nation. And Doug makes an unvarnished threat, telling Sheila exactly what she’s got to worry about…

* Who’s to Judge? The deviants, freaks and weirdos, that’s who! Find out how one black-robed lawyer has ruled that another much more feminine male lawyer was absolutely spectacular in his very gay ruling against marriage, (and for the homosexuals) in California.

* No Mulligans on Judgment Day: NBC might have apologized for striking all mention of God from the pledge of allegiance, but God was running video tape and will play it for them, (minus the boring golf segments) on Judgment Day!

* Prosecutors Take Bribe: in order to save themselves time and money, prosecutors in Texas offered to take a certain sum of money rather than executing judgment upon a woman accused of spanking her child.

* Know Where to Hyde: Yet another longstanding prediction made by Bob Enyart has come to pass, as the allegedly pro-life “Hyde Amendment” has led directly to the defeat of an attempted abortion ban in Louisiana. You’ll be shocked to learn how the Hyde Amendment that so many pro-lifers fought for actually insists that abortion be legal and funded by the government when the unborn children in question fall into a class of person deemed undesirable.

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