The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

* The Good:  Co-host Doug McBurney and Bob love the Godly influence of Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and how he gives glory to God for his team's success, is a wonderful example of a product of home schooling and an example of what a sports role model should be.

* The Bad: Boston University professor Irina Kristy is arrested for running a meth lab with her son (probably not home schooled) and college coaches accused of abusing young boys and perversion running rampant on campuses.  It's all, as Doug says, "trickle down immorality." 

* The Ugly: Sheriff Pat Sullivan is now a resident of the Pat Sullivan jail here in Colorado--a facility of which both Doug and Bob were one time guest.  The "honorable" Sullivan has many awards for his service, has testified before Congress and was mentioned by President Bill Clinton. 

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