Best 10 Evidences from Answers Magazine

* RSR Celebrates AiG's Evidence for a Young Earth: Real Science Radio co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams celebrate the scientific evidence presented in the current issue of Answers Magazine, a high-quality quarterly publication from Answers in Genesis. Many of the most universal scientific observations, both on Earth and in space, refute old earth claims whereas the Bible declares God's creation of the Earth and the universe only thousands of years ago. AiG, founded by Ken Ham, one of the world's leading creationists, describes the billions of years of missing seafloor sediment and saltiness in the oceans, the bent rock layers, soft tissue in fossils, the faint sun paradox, the rapidly weakening magnetic field, helium in zircons, carbon-14 in diamonds and fossils, short-lived comets, and DNA in ancient bacteria.

* Climbing the Charts: Casey Kasem would be proud! Two months ago the RSR guys launched, and for weeks a Google search for: young earth, did not list our site even within its first 100 results. Then the site started climbing the page rankings, appearing on page three, then two! Now, as of today's program, for a search of: young earth, Google ranks our site on page one. And we hope to continue our climb, gradually moving up toward the #1 highest-ranked young earth page on the entire Internet! Please link to us.

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