Fox News Gets Wrong Sex Selection Answer

* Bob Airs the Audio from Jo Scott's Unaired TV Interview: Once again a fabulous sting operation by Lila Rose is being hijacked by fundraisers, lawyers and politicians to distract pro-lifers from actually fighting to end abortion by promoting a sex-selection "and then you can kill the baby" regulation.

* Republican Federal Judges Rule Defense of Marriage Unconstitutional: As suspected by BEL, and as typical of many anti-child, anti-marriage, anti-family rulings, the federal panel that ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional was controlled by Republican judges appointed by Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. Another example of a typical Republican ruling is Roe v. Wade itself which was passed by a Republican majority and authored by Republican Justice Harry Blackmun.

* Pot Mom: Bob mentions Pot Mom, the Phoenix pot-smoking mother who drove away leaving her baby on the roof of her car.

* Planned Parenthood and Mitt Romney: The abortion chain and the Republican presidential candidate are longtime partners, albeit also competitors. Jo and Bob discuss Romney, Planned Parenthood, Republicans, and the source of the moral confusion that now swamps even pro-life churches and they recommend the Romney Pro-life Profile!

* Creation Meeting June 8th: You're invited to attend the Rocky Mtn. Creation Fellowship meeting at 7 p.m. on June 8th! And in the meantime, see and the stunning RSF's List of Not So Old Things.

* Creation at Denver Bible Church on Sunday June 10th:  Pastor Bob invites you to visit DBC at 7180 Oak Street in Arvada especially this morning at 10:50 a.m. to worship with us and then to hear the president of the Creation Research Society, Dr. Don DeYoung!

* Will Retiring Neal Boortz Keep His Word to BEL: During the Boortz/Enyart Debate on a National Sales Tax, Neal Boortz promised the audience that he would put a link to that debate on his own homepage for a week. Neal has yet to do that. Any suggestions on how to get Neal to keep his word on this?

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