Stars in Galaxy Bulges "Look Too Perfect"

* Creation Magazine on Astronomy, Acid, Atheists, Sonar, and Pigs: Real Science Radio co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the Spring 2012 edition of Creation magazine!

* "Surprisingly Orderly" Star Clusters in Spiral Galaxies: Those who believe in naturalist origins are forever dismayed or even shocked by the latest discoveries because scientific observations typically contradict the fundamental predictions of atheistic origins. (One small example: Most animals reproduce sexually, yet Darwinism would never predict sexual reproduction.) Thus while the Big Bang model predicted that the bulge of stars in the center of spiral galaxies resulted from millions of years of collisions, as reported in Creation magazine and in the New Scientist article, Galaxies too good to be true, Princeton University cosmologist Jim Peebles admitted that, "It's really an embarrassment." And cosmologist John Kormendy says that the prinstine bulges "were something of a shock" and "look rather too perfect." To which Bob and Fred say :) and about which Spike Psarris created the greatest astronomy DVDs ever made.

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2020 Peebles Update: By the way Jim Peebles is such a maintream astrophysicist that he won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics and and is Princeton's Albert Einstein Professor of Science, Emeritus.

* And for Good Measure: Venus rotates backwards, "Hot Jupiter" gas giants exist near their suns, and some exoplanets orbit their stars backwards!

* Life Uses Left-Handed Amino Acids: The amino acids in "Dinosaur-era" fossils still have not racemized to their 50-50 mixture. Consider that, if the big bang theory were true, then the universe would have equal amounts of matter and antimatter. Likewise, if the materialist claim of abiogenesis were true, then proteins would be formed of equal amounts of right- and left-handed amino acids. Yet these fundamental predictions of the materialist theory of origins are completely false. And the mathematical probability of a non-directed origin of life building proteins with only left-handed acids, rather than with an even combination of the two, add astronomically absurdity to astronomical absurdity. And even if a materialist cause could overcome the virtually infinite odds against stringing together a left-handed chain, it must still get the twenty different amino acids in a correct functional order, and then somehow fold them correctly, and if all that happened, you'd still have only one dead protein.

Infanticide exposed, not by the NY Times but on the pages of the NY Times* Dutch Reverands are Atheists Dodging the Death Vans: One out of six ministers in Holland are atheist or agnostic, and many of the elderly there are afraid of being euthanized, and now, the country is launching a fleet of mobile euthanasia vans to bring back housecalls for that personal touch!

[Knock knock.] "Hi. We're from the government. We heard that you might be lonely."

"Well, yes, I am a bit lonely. Would you be my friend?"

"Well, not exactly. But we'll be happy to kill you."

The guys also talk about the current issue of the Journal of Medical Ethics that advocates for the legalization of infanticide so that parents can kill their newborn babies in the first months of life.

* Dolphin Sonar & Honey Bees Beat Super Computers: Dolphins can see a tennis ball 260 feet.away and, as we've discussed previously, honey bees can solve enormously complex mathematical problems far more quickly than can a super computer, and using only a millionth of the energy.

Spike Psarris' fabulous DVD, What You Aren't Being Told... Vol. 2

* FIND OUT WHO KNOWS WHY PIGS WALLOW IN MUD: Do Darwinist scientists, or the hosts of Real Science Radio, have a better explanation of why pigs wallow in mud? And in a related story, why does your tile countertop feel cooler than your wooden table?

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