Beware of the Public School

* Toy Gun Gets Man Arrested: In a terribly tragic contrast, while the news reports that three students in an Ohio high school have been shot to death (and another injured) police in Canada arrest a father who owned a toy gun. Toronto police, and school officials who say they have to "co-parent" the kids, waging their Jihad against guns, go berserk when a four-year-old girl drew... not a gun, but a picture of her father with a gun. The gun turned out to be a toy gun that shoots foam darts that the girl said her dad uses against monsters and bad guys. Bob talks about an "old geezer" who years ago advertised on BEL (his family's clothing store on East Colfax) who said that in his day he would bring his gun to school so he (and his brother) could hunt for rabbit on their way home to bring supper to their mom! And nobody ever got shot. Now with godless atheism and evolution being taught in public schools more and more kids are becoming killers. Tragically.

* BEL Accomplishments this Month: Bob promotes our February telethon and lists some of the projects Bob Enyart Live has reported on helping to accomplish in just this month. Some of these are:
- helped achieve the stunning upset defeat of Mitt Romney in Colorado's statewide caucus!
- helped promote American RTL's press release that led to two stories at Fox News, a five-minute segment by Rush Limbaugh, and a stunning picture and headline displayed in NY City's Times Square about the cancer/abortion link!
- testified and helped promote Colorado RTL's Unborn Victims of of Crime Act, the very first principled version of such legislation in the nation and after intensive lobbying, CRTL's language has now been adopted by their state pro-life senators and representatives!
- helped promote two stunning graphics, one on Planned Parenthood and the other exposing an absurd popular contradiction held by many liberals!
- debating one of the more well-known aggressive atheists, AronRa, on England's League of Reason website. Please pray for Aron and for those following the debate who don't know the Lord.

February is BEL Telethon Month

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