Theology Thursday: Language and Babel

Acts: St Peter's Church, verse by verse in two volumes...National Public Radio Program Suing BEL: The NY Post today in its article, Science Radio Showdown, reports that NPR's science program producers have filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against Bob Enyart's science radio program. Bob asks, "As always, please pray for our outreach as we present to a hurting world the evidence that God created and loves us!"

* Why Did God Reverse the Curse of Babel on Pentecost? Have you considered the connection between Pentecost and Babylon? One of God's purposes in the end times for the great tribulation is that it will see the destruction of the Kingdom of Babylon, which is, Bob teaches, the symbol of man's organized rebellion against God. Babylon's founder, Nimrod was the first to use government power to meet men's needs as a substitute for trust in God. Thus he was the first liberal politician, about whom 2,000 years ago the historian Josephus would write:

He [Nimrod] persuaded them [mankind] not to ascribe [their happiness] to God... He also gradually changed the government into tyranny, seeing no other way of turning men from the fear of God, but to bring them into a constant dependence upon his power.

At Pentecost, God marked the start of the fall of Babylon. For at the beginning of the Kingdom of Babylon (Gen. 10:8, 10; 11:8-9), the LORD confused the language (Gen. 11:9) so those who had understood each other could not. At Pentecost, the beginning of the undoing of Babylon, God removed that barrier (Acts 2:6-11) so those who had not understood each other could.

With minor correlations, the Bible helps its readers connect Pentecost with Babel. At Babel the wicked were scattered... from there over the face of all the earth (Gen. 11:8-9). At Pentecost devout men from every nation under heaven (Acts 2:5) were gathered and the multitude came together (Acts 2:6). At Pentecost they were all with one accord in one place (Acts 2:1) while at Babel they had one language and one speech (Gen. 11:1). The wicked dwelt there building a city named Babel [confusion] (Gen. 11: 2, 4, 9). At Pentecost devout Jews were dwelling (Acts 2:5) in a city named Jerusalem [peace] (Acts 2:5). Unbelievers were made drunk with the wine (Rev. 17:2) of Babylon's wickedness while at Pentecost unbelievers falsely accused the apostles of being drunk with wine (Acts 2:13).

The text has another lesson. At the Tower of Babel, the Lord punished godless men when He confused the language so that they may not understand one another's speech (Gen. 11:7-9). After living so long under the curse of sin, it actually confused men to have the curse removed, for the multitude... were confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language (Acts 2:6). So, the way things ought to be confuses men who have lived so long under sin. To learn more about the substantive meaning in the events of Pentecost, please consider getting Bob Enyart's Plot manuscript or audio studies!

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