Don't Waste It: THROW Your Vote Away!

* Voting the Replicon Ticket: Hear what’s become a quadrennial tradition here at Bob Enyart Live as Bob and co-host Doug McBurney play audio from a 16 year old episode of the Simpsons that points out, be it irreverently, that compromising between the lesser of two evils is for fools. (And the clip eerily contains Mitt Romney's abortion politics and Barack Obama's campaign slogan “Forward”)!

* So Tired: Little Abbey from Ft. Collins invades Bob Enyart Live to capture the spirit of the electorate, & let the world know how tired she is of Bronco-bama and Mitt Romney.

* Footing the Bill: Caller Bill excoriates Bob and Doug for committing what he calls a "total waste" of their votes, but  but gets booted when he refuses to argue about it.

Waiting for John Adams: As Doug laments the failure of several leading RE-publican candidates to reply to the Colorado Right to Life Candidate Survey. Bob points out that instead of cowards who duck the issue of the right to Life, what we need are heroes, willing to risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor!

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