Interview With Dr. Klingenschmitt

* Chaplain Klingenschmitt a Hero for the Gospel: Dr. Gordon Klingenschmitt (known by his friends as Chaps) stood up to the power of the US Navy when they told him not to pray in Jesus' name. Though he got the Navy's policy reversed he lost his 16 year career and a million dollar pension. Chaps lends his voice to many great Christian causes of which several are listed on his website.

* The BEL Chaps Interviews:
- U.S. Media Cannot Be Trusted, Including About Homosexuals in the Military: Bob Enyart talks with former U.S. Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt about the media's false claim that America's troops are mostly accepting of homosexuals in the military.
- Pentagon May Court Marshall Christians who Share their Faith: Bob Enyart interviews Chaplain Klingenschmitt as the Pentagon works with Mike Weinstein to punish or even court martial any serviceman evangelizing at sea, on base, etc. Chaps is currently suing the anti-Christian zealot Weinstein.
- Today's Show (above): Like many of the Bible's heros in the Hebrews Hall of Faith, Chaplain Klingenschmitt disobeyed the governing authorities, and has been richly blessed by God!

* To Do RightDaniel 7-DVD Video Set, Vote Right: Bob and Chaplain Klingenschmitt will be voting for Tom Hoefling of America's Party. Their platform is 100% prolife, supports Personhood, the right to keep and bear arms, limited government and other rights granted to us from God.

Today's Resource: Meet Daniel and his associates through this great BEL Bible study. You'll enjoy understanding this part of ancient Israel's history. Beginning almost 600 years before Christ, the extraordinary events in Daniel's life bring the past and the future into focus, from the politcal affairs of ancient kingdomsto the first and second comings of the messiah! And for our own age, Daniel shows how we should live boldly for the Lord both in our personal lives and as influencing government.  Enjoy this verse by verse study of the Book of Daniel available in this 7-DVD Video Set or in audio on a single MP3-CD or an instant MP3 Download.