Strong Delusion

* Obama, Media Participate in Vigilantism: Guest host Doug McBurney point’s out that by not calling for the arrest of Spike Lee for his criminal tweet, and the Black Pather’s for thier bounty on the head of George Zimmerman, the media, and the justice system have become complicit in what can only be described as insanity.

Million Dollar Baby: The Pro Life movie October Baby shines a light through the darkness, and proves once again that when it comes to doing the right thing, we Christians must rely on the Life of Christ within ourselves!

Barbarians at the Gates: Have you noticed that the MED-stream media, (that’s Doug’s preferred term for the main stream media, as it implies they must all be on drugs) refuses to cover the impending two million Moslem march scheduled for this Friday on the borders of Jerusalem... while continually stoking racial tension in America? It’s no wonder Doug’s depressed.

Personhood signature Resource: Find out about events all over Colorado at which you can gather signatures for Colorado’s Personhood Initiative at Personhood Colorado on Facebook!

 * The Creation Debate: Bob's creation debate with AronRa on the British web site League of Reason continues with Round 4.

Today’s Resource: God and the Death Penalty

God and the Death Penalty

In this video, see that: 

  • Jesus advocated the death penalty
  • Paul, in court, endorsed execution
  • The New Testament supports killing criminals "without mercy"

In the New Testament God directs the government to strike the criminal with terror, wrath and vengeance without mercy. Watch in amazement as you see that Jesus commanded the death penalty! And the Apostle Paul said he did not object to capital punishment. Then see other Bible characters directly affirm the death penalty!

The writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Paul in the Gospels, Acts, Romans and Revelation defend execution as does the author of Hebrews. Crime thrives because the criminal's "sentence... is not executed speedily" says the Bible. Learn the history of execution and why God first utterly forbade, and then strictly commanded, execution. In this video, find out why the Bible begins and ends with capital punishment issues and why God put the death penalty at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.