RSR: Best Cell Biology DVD Ever Made!


*  Don Johnson on Real Science Radio: RSR co-host Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Don Johnson who earned  Ph.D.s in both Computer & Information Sciences from the University of Minnesota and in Chemistry from Michigan State University and has been a senior scientist in industry and taught at universities in the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Johnson has produced simply the greatest cell biology DVD ever made: Programming of Life!

*  How Many Proteins Does It Take To Screw In a Light Bulb? No joke. Actually, the scientific question is: How many proteins does it take to make a protein? The answer: 150. Hopefully that realization will help light a bulb for an evolutionist. For apart from the Creator God, the claim of the materialistic origin of life is hopelessly circular and makes no sense.

For this show, RSR recommends Dr. Don Johnson's Programming of Life DVD!

* Analyzing the Great Works of Literature -- Via Spelling: Debating RSR, atheist AronRa claimed that the study of evolution (to Darwinists, this means, the study of all life) is primarily an investigation among species of the different frequencies of alleles (which are differing versions of genes). This is as insufficient an approach to understanding life as it would be to attempt to comprehend the great works of literature by focusing on spelling variations.

*  One Dead Protein : Bob Enyart points out that even if a trillion universes all pulled together to overcome the odds of a protein forming and folding by chance, and natural processes produced the first protein... so what? All you'd have is a single, dead protein.


* Don Explains Where Miller and Urey Went Wrong: To summarize, here's a quote from Bob Enyart's letter to the Colo. Springs Gazette: "One misleading Denver Museum of Natural History exhibit headline, referring to the 1952 Miller/Urey synthesis of amino acids, reads: Replicating Life in the Lab? It’s been sixty years! Don’t they know if they made life yet or not? Their question mark is insufficient to counterbalance this false report, since amino acids are essential to biological life, but they are not life, they are acids."

*  NEW: RSF's Dinosaur Soft Tissue Page! By popular demand, Real Science Radio now presents all of our evidence for the existence of dinosaur soft tissue on a since web page titled:

Dinosaur Soft Tissue is Original Biological Material



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Information is encoded in every cell in our DNA and in all living things. Learn how the common world view of life's origin, chemical evolution, conflicts with our knowledge of Information Science. Finally, information Science is changing the way millions of people think about all living systems!

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