Keep God Out of the Gov't Schools

Nicer than God study* Keep Bibles & Prayer OUT of the Government Schools: Not to mention, keep your kids out of them. Listen to Bob’s advice to a Christian brother regarding God, the Bible, prayer and the government schools.

* DC Cops on the Case: With video evidence in hand, (of NBC host David Gregory flagrantly violating the D.C. ban on high capacity magazines), the Washington DC police department may have finally been handed a case they can solve! Bob & co-host Doug McBurney examine why the DC ban on magazines is stupid...

* Psychotic Potheads: Bob reviews the latest study linking marijuana and psychosis. And see one of the most popular articles on the web for the search term: what does the Bible say about pot?

* Dead Sea Scrolls Debunk Doubters Online: Bob reports that the Dead Sea Scrolls are now viewable online and discusses the inaccurate claim that the Bible has been retranslated so often as to have been rendered unreliable.

* God & Hate: Doug recounts a conversation with a Christian who thinks, “Christianity means the inability to hate”. Get the background at Nicer than God.

* Father Christmas: It’s not just the British moniker for Santa Claus folks... “A dad” is one of the top ten most requested gifts by children in the U.K. And “a new baby brother or sister” also made the list, (children can be so politically incorrect). We go into some of the reasons kids are so honest, and analyze for the decline of fatherhood in America.

Today's Resource: Enjoy Nicer than God, a fast-paced critique of religion where Bob Enyart presents questions such as: When should a Christian lie? Should he ever mock? How about name-calling? Does sarcasm belong in the Christian’s repertoire? How about ridicule? Learn why nice is not in the Bible and how to identify a Nicer-Than-God Christian. If Christians are not supposed to judge, then why does Jesus command us to judge rightly? And if only God will judge, then why does Paul say that we believers will judge the angels, and judge the world? If Jesus logged onto a website forum under a pseudonym, would we recognize Him, or condemn Him? This album communicates well Bob Enyart’s unique style. But, warning, warning, warning, Will Robertson, it is not for the faint of heart.