Osteen, Gaga and MacAuther

* Pastor Osteen Just "Doesn't Know”: Guest host Doug McBurney discusses Pastor Joel Osteen's appearance on Fox and how Joel just "don't know" what God says about gay marriage and other basic Bible issues.

* "I'm Against Abortion but Pro-Choice": Brian from Indiana ask what do you say to someone who says they're against abortion but is pro-choice. Doug gives some great advice and words of wisdom regarding this issue.

* EPA Official Likes How the Romans Handled the Masses: EPA official Al Armendariz was forced to resign after making comments about how the Romans brought people into line by just crucifying a few of them and that, in the same way, the EPA would "make examples out of people."

* Korean Christians Get it Right: South Korean Christians are trying to get Lady Gaga to cancel her concert there saying she's pornographic and pro-homo. Doug thanks Douglas MacArthur for strong Christians in parts of the Far East and the Philippines.

* Man Will Need Air Conditioner in Hell: A Denver Church which had their air conditioner stolen put up a sign saying that the thief should just keep it because "he'll need it where he's going."

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