Colorado is Falling to Pieces

* Colo. Fires and KHOW Cancelation: Bob is back in town and not a minute too soon :) Now that the local talking heads have had discussed why KHOW radio cancelled BEL's competition, the Caplis and Silverman show, Bob weighs in on the real reason for the cancellation. And prompted by the devastating Colorado fires, Bob said that Christians should not be superstitious and explained why we should avoid reading into events divine messages.

* Another Top Secret Convention Project: Bob announced an upcoming top secret project for the 2012 political convention season and promised to review on an upcoming show American Right To Life's unfurling in 2008 of the world's largest protest sign against the DNC!

* Police Solve Cold Case, BEL Wants Nat'l Database: Bob praised the police in North Carolina for solving a 33-year-old cold case with DNA and he renews his call for a national DNA database.

BEL seminar CD

Today's Resource: Hermeneutics: Tools for Studying the Bible! A hermeneutic is a tool that Bible Students use for better understanding the Scriptures. Proper hermeneutics are invaluable. "Of all Bob Enyart's materials, the Hermeneutics seminar is the best!" says Brian of Thornton, Colorado! Filmed at Denver's famous Brown Palace Hotel, Bob presents the most important hermeneutics, discusses their misuse, and gives examples of how to use them properly. You can download this study immediately or we'll mail you the DVDs or the MP3 CD, and either way, you'll also get the extensive seminar handout and the slides that Bob presented to help folks remember each of the hermeneutics and how to use them.

This fascinating Bible study is available in a 6-DVD set, on MP3-CD or MP3 download. You can click to order online or call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278).