Bob Goes Soft on the Denver Post

* Denver Post Report: Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney review the Denver Post article about Real Science Radio including the reporter's surprising Google search results. Arvada pastor says his science show is real deal is the headline in the printed newspaper version of the article. Thes story quotes Pastor Bob answering the reporter, Electa Draper, "No, I don't believe your ancestors were apes." (BTW, Electa's name is Latin for chosen, i.e., election, and see the BEL label artwork which was used by the Jerusalem Post to illustrate their full-page article on predestination.) BEL seminar CD

"We think Ira Flatow is a little bit jealous," Enyart said. "For example, when people want to find out the latest science — like finds of dinosaur soft tissues — they come to 'Real Science Radio.' We beat out a lot of science sites." A Google search of "dinosaur soft tissues" brings up Smithsonian Magazine first on the list, but Enyart's site is fourth — well ahead of National Geographic's and NPR's. -Denver Post

* Pat Robertson's Going, Going, Gong: As documented at, after defending China for their forced abortion, and after advising that an adulterer divorce his sick wife so he could start his life over, and after endorsing radically anti-Christian, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion Rudi Giuliani, and after misrepresenting left-wing, socialist, anti-marriage, child killer Mitt Romney, now Pat Roberston is compromising on the foundation of the Bible in Genesis.

Bob Enyart in Denver Post, being sued by NPR's science host.

* Bible Teachings Typically Rejected by Old Earth Christians: The "old Earth" ministries that Pat Robertson has joined himself with not only reject the Bible's plain teaching on the age of the Earth. As with most Christian teachers who accept billions of years (and like Christianity Today magazine, and the Christian colleges that reject the young earth), you can also expect Pat Robertson will reject Jesus' teaching that "from the beginning of the creation [not after billions of years], God made them male and female," (Mark 10:6). As discussed also on Real Science Radio, such Christians who reject the literal meaning of Genesis, also:
- do away with a literal Adam
- do away with the biblical teaching of no death before Adam
- do away with the six literal days of creation
- do away with no thorns before the Fall
- do away with the global flood
- do away with the Tower of Babel
- do away with no pain in childbirth before the Fall
- do away with God making man from the dust of the ground, and
- do away with the "order" of the days of creation (birds after Day 6 land animals; stars before Day 4)
- undermine the New Testament's genealogy of Jesus Christ,
- do away with the ancestry of Abraham through Shem and Noah, to Adam
- do away with the the fall of Jericho
- do away with the historicity even of Joshua's battles
- do away with the book of Jonah, and with so many other events that the Bible and Jesus present not as parables or symbols but as actual history. And as the foundation goes, so goes the temple of the house of God, and Christians then begin to see even the resurrection of Christ as a metaphor.

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