Twins, Aborted Late in Orlando, Florida

* Pianist, Singer Kelly Clinger: Personhood activist Kelly Clinger talks to Bob Enyart and Leslie Hanks about her sad blog post and the photo that went viral of a Florida woman 20-weeks pregnant with twins who killed her daughters at the Orlando Women's Center abortion mill.

* Remembering Kelly's Story: After her tragic tour through Disney television and the secular music industry, Kelly turned to the Lord. In a previous interview, Mrs. Clinger told us a tragic story about where sin abounds in part of the Christian music industry, including fornication, alcohol, drugs, homosexuality, and abortion, and more shocking still, when the worst of all this happened during the worship service at one particular mega-church. Kelly finally abruptly walked away from the worship team at an Atlanta mega church when the pastor announced that because the youth leader had impregnated a young woman, he was passing the collection plate to raise money to pay for an abortion.

* Gospel Message: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented at

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