Apology Tour Begins

Listen to Bob's verse-by-verse study of Genesis chapters 3 - 5!* BEL Yesterday Mentioned the Possibility of an Apology: After remembering that our dear brother, the Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell would routinely issue a statement on Mondays and an apology on Thursdays, Bob and Doug wondered whether or not an apology would be forthcoming from Angus T. Jones. A Christian, or anyone in the news, who has said something smart and biblically correct, tend to follow that up by issuing an apology. Today, we have apologies in the news from Jones, from the Carnival cruise line, and the from the gangs of New York City. (Well, at least from the first two anyway.) But as for apologies for saying the right thing, Angus Jones' is not all that bad, but it was unnecessary and does undermine his powerful statement. But then, the guy's awfully young.

Today's Resource: This study, Genesis, The Fall, teaches Christians how to discern the character of the living God as contrasted to the view of God's attributes as promoted by popular myth.

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