ACLU & Islam Against America

* Second String First: Bob’s co-host Doug McBurney recognizes what is believed to be the first time in the history of the Internet that a backup quarterback (TimTebow) has been assigned an exclusive web page by

* 100,000+ Insults to Mohammed: The latest attacks on Americans in the Middle East are allegedly related to an obscure video calling Mohammed a pedophile. There are tens of thousands of such passages online, and they've been available for years, so we're not buying the White House/State Dept. story about a video on YouTube. Listen to Bob and Doug discuss the state of Christianity, Islam, Mohammed & how the main stream media seems to have joined the Mohammedans.

* Lessons from Benghazi & Cranston, RI: The ACLU has once again banned normal behavior in there never ending quest to normalize perversion. So for the moment there will be no more father daughter dances within the Cranston school district. This same school district recently caved in to the ACLU demand that they remove a "prayer banner". Suggesting that when Christians go weak in the knees the enemy will increase their attacks. Similarly, while the American State Department continues to preach godless tolerance and democracy in the middle east, the enemy perceives only weakness, and then they attack!

* Bob Enyart's Televised Classics vs Honey Boo Boo: Doug laments that the latest craze in reality TV is amusing America with the destruction of the American family via welfare payments to the likes of the "mom" on "Honey Boo Boo". But you can subscribe right now to Bob's televised classics and help Bob stay on the air while witnessing genuinely prophetic television.

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