Many Modern Birds Found in Dinosaur Layers

Get Dr. Carl Werner's FABULOUS video exposing the illusions of evolution!* Dr. Carl Werner Pressures Museums to Show the Birds: On Real Science Radio, executive producer of the "Evolution: Grand Experiment" series, Dr. Werner, lists the many modern bird species that museums worldwide are refusing to display in their dinosaur exhibits. In this way Carl continues to expose the Darwinist bias in museums and textbooks that lead to scientific illiteracy regarding a primary theme of fossil evidence. For example, with 432 mammal species excavated by paleontologists, that means that the number of mammal species from dinosaur layers is now approaching the total number of dinosaur species. (Note: For each of Dr. Werner's DVDs, he also has written a book of the same title.)

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* Regarding Living and Fossil Plants: Dr. Werner quotes Dr. Peter Crane of the Royal Botanic Gardens in London about plant fossils excavated from dinosaur-layer strata: "I always think about the late Cretaceous, that if you were there... the vegetation would have looked really very much like today: Dogwoods, tulip trees, magnolias, and so on..."

Get Dr. Carl Werner's FABULOUS video exposing the illusions of evolution!* RSR Shows about Dr. Carl Werner's Work:
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* Dr. Werner Compliments the RSR Dino Soft Tissue Page: Carl Werner again complimented our See also the new RSF-produced site,!

* Why They Always Say "Non-Avian" Dinosaurs: (post-show update) When describing what kind of dinosaur they are talking about, evolutionists almost always say non-avian. They say non-avian so that other evolutionists don't think that they're talking about chickens, penguins, hummingbirds, and any or all other modern birds for that matter. So, when describing what kind of dinosaur they are talking about, they have to say "non-avian". Otherwise, other evolutionists will be confused into thinking they're talking about hummingbirds and ostriches.

* And What About those Penguin Dinosaurs? :) Oh yeah, evolutionists think that penguins are dinosaurs too. So in a related story, according to a 2010 paper in the journal Science, "Penguin feathers are highly modified in form and function, but there have been no fossils to inform their evolution." That paper is listed in a spreadsheet in the RSR Supplementary Material for our dinosaur soft tissue reporting, at:

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