Socialism and When God Changes the Law

Socialism: If pigs could vote...* Obama -- I'm Not TRYING to Redistribute Wealth: Of course not. It comes naturally for him. Even though Obama has called for increased taxes for the "rich" and said that we should "spread the wealth around," he now denies he's trying to redistribute. Pastor Bob references a book on economics he read earlier this year by Ludwig von Mises titled Human Action. Ludwig's book very clearly examines the failures of socialism and why it will always fail over time. Something von Mises was ignorant of, however, is that advocacy of welfare programs, socialism, and/or communism violates God's enduring command, Thou shalt not steal. See also

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The Plot Book* Why Does Most of the World Take Sunday Off: Nathanial from Aurora called saying that we're supposed to keep the Sabbath on Saturdays. Bob has debated this subject in the past and, in his book "The Plot," Bob quotes the Bible to explain that God not only changes "the rules" but also forms completely new covenants (contracts) with His people through different dispensations.  

Today's Resource: Apparent contradictions plague many Bible students. The Plot demonstrates how hundreds of such contradictions disappear when the reader applies the big picture of the Bible to its details. Tunnel vision focuses so narrowly on a problem that the solution often lies just out of view. As the pastor of Denver Bible Church, Bob Enyart teaches Christians how to use the whole counsel of God to understand the plot of the Bible and solve biblical mysteries.

Modern Good Samaritan: Force you to buy health insurance* Sadly, America is a Socialist Nation: [2020 Update] President Donald Trump on Feb. 5, 2019 said, "America will never be a socialist nation." However, Trump himself is a socialist and our nation is too. For example, during a press conference on Aug. 3, 2020, regarding the possible sale of Chinese company TikTok to Microsoft, a reporter asked President Trump, "On TikTok, you said that you wanted money for the U.S. Treasury from the sale. Does that mean that you expect..." to which Donald Trump replied:

What[ever] the price is, the United States should get a very large percentage of that price. Because we're making it possible. Without us, you know I use the expression, it's like the landlord and the tenant. And without the lease, the tenant doesn't have the value. And we're sort of in a certain way, the lease. We make it possible to have this great success... It would come from the sale. Whatever the number is, it would come from the sale. ... And I think it's very fair.

Reminds us, of course, of Barack Obama saying, "If you got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

What was Obama's point? The same as Donald Trump's point, even though neither said it directly, although Trump came much closer. "We socialists have every right to take what we can get from the rich, and hey, really, from anybody."

Of course President Trump also has long insisted that health insurance covers diseases the customer had prior to signing up for health insurance. That's socialism and like socialism, is morally bankrupt and financially absurd. It's like telling Geico that they have to pay for the damages from car crashes that occurred before the drivers even came to them for insurance.

List of Ways America is Already Socialist: That America is already a socialist nation is clear from the following...
- The Republican/Romney/Trump pre-existing conditions coverage
- Our welfare program that 3.5 million people are on
- Medicaid with 65 million people on that for health care
- CHIP which is even more Medicaid for 6 million minors
- Food stamps for more than 40 million people
- Supplemental Security money to 8 million disabled and elderly
- Earned Income Tax Credit which as a tax reduction isn't quite as bad except that a quarter of its payments are made in error
- Housing assistance for 1.2 million apartments
- Unemployment insurance which government has no business mandating
Meme: Before candles, socialists used electricity.- Medicare, unlike Medicaid for people with less money, Medicare is for everyone else
- Social Security, like Medicare, is for almost everyone, so that everybody can pay for everybody with the government taking its share as the middleman.
- Etc., etc., etc.

America is overwhelmingly a socialist nation. There are degrees of the implementation of socialist programs and we conservatives understandably like to point to Venezuela but there's also Norway, with most of Europe, as other examples. So a socialist nation is one that implements any of a range of socialist and interventionist policies.

Mouse socialism and the free cheeseAnd from On our Top Twelve Contributions list, there's... 
Economics: And the twelfth most important contribution made by Bob Enyart Live (and DBC, the little church that could) is our teaching on economics, on what is money, that advocating welfare is sinful and violates Thou shalt not steal; and on what is justifiable taxationcopyrights, and so forth.

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