Dead Men Rising

* Dump Starbucks Stock: Here's the quick video that Bob Enyart & co-host Doug McBurney yesterday said they would shoot. Bob takes note of the burgeoning DUMP STARBUCKS boycott campaign stemming from Starbuck’s aggressive promotion of all things immoral. Bob took the Venti (20 oz) Pike coffee he had purchased on the way to the studio and instead of drinking it...

* Bob Enyart Discusses: the Egyptian waiter who rose from the dead (well, sort of), and al Qaeda's rating of U.S. news outlets, and Osama's approval of the Arab Spring and those who were seriously clinging to their guns and religion, and Obama's eagerness to kill Muslim terrorists, and the U.S. labor force being smaller than when the "alleged" economic recovery began three years ago, and the 90,000 more Americans enrolled for  "disability" payments last month alone, and... the rest is history...

* Dinosaur Soft Tissue Contains Carbon 14 and Mostly Left-Handed Amino Acids: As you view the exciting scientific discoveries below, please feel free to listen to  Real Science Friday co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart observe their annual tradition of talking about the dinosaur soft-tissue finds and so many other related wonderful discoveries. And make sure to view the list and excerpts below of the web's most complete report on the peer-reviewed dinosaur soft-tissue research!

T. rex blood vessels and cells * "65-million" Year Old T. rex Soft Tissue: North Carolina State University discovered original biological tissue from a supposedly 65-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex thighbone, with transparent and pliable blood vessels containing red blood cells!  See these photos at Smithsonian Magazine and at MS-NBC, and then see a 2007 Nat'l Geographic report, a 2009 Nat'l Geo. confirmation, and the @#!*% Creek Formation excavation site worked by famed paleontologist Jack Horner of Montana State University. In 2011 ten leading universities and institutes including Harvard, the University of Manchester, and the University of Pennsylvania published in PLoS One, a peer-reviewed journal, that they have verified that presumed dinosaur material is indeed original biological tissue from a dinosaur! Combined with the research on Egyptian mummies that established 10,000 years as an upper limit for how long such biological molecules could survive, this is another reason why creationists refer to dinosaurs as missionary lizards. Interestingly, PZ Myers recently mocked RSF and repeated the now widely-discredited evolutionist hope that the "soft-tissue" dinosaur finds were "biofilm" contamination from bacteria. But as 60 Minutes shows and Bob Enyart sums it up, "This is dinosaur."

Soft-tissue recovered from "cretaceous era" mosasaur* Iron-clad "Dinosaur-era" tissue from "70-million year old" Mosasaur: In this peer-reviewed report by researchers including from Lund University in Sweden and Southern Methodist University in Dallas, scientists confirm another biological tissue discovery using sophisticated techniques to rule out modern contamination, bio-film, etc., concluding that original biological collagen exists in a small bone from an extinct marine reptile called a Mosasaur. Yet according to a report in Science Magazine as it relates to the discoveries of dinosaur tissue, scientists calculate the maximum survival time of collagen not in millions but in thousands of years.

* More Soft Dinosaur Tissue, Now from an "80 Million" Year Old Hadrosaur: Consistent with the expectations of biblical creationists, according to Nat'l Geographic, there's yet another discovery of soft tissue in a dinosaur, this time, a hadrosaur, with soft blood vessels, connective tissue, and blood cell protein amino acid chains partially sequenced at Harvard University. This allegedly 80-million year-old non-fossilized duck-billed dinosaur tissue was discovered by a team led by researchers at North Carolina State University. Harvard, et al., wanted to get some soft dinosaur tissue so they put together a team and just went out and found some. Consider all the potential soft tissue, and perhaps even DNA, lost to humanity because of secular universities ignoring previous claims by young-earth creationists due to the false evolutionary timescale which so biased paleontologists that they would never even look for non-decomposed original biological tissue inside of dinosaur bones.

Archaeopteryx fossil contains original biological material!* Now Biological Material from a "150-Million" Year Old Archaeopteryx: One would think that these "dinosaur-era" finds would be trumpeted as the scientific discovery of our age. But as late as 2012, so many evolutionists whom we talk to at RSF:
1) have never even heard of these developments
2) initially deny them (soft-tissue deniers)
3) assume that it must be creationists who claim to have found them, and
4) repeat, as PZ Myers did when criticizing Real Science Radio, the repeatedly debunked claims that these are not dinosaur tissue but bacterial biofilm contamination.

Now The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports the discovery of various types of original biological material in archeopteryx feathers and bones that allegedly has survived for 150 million years.

The New Scientist report, Soft tissue remnants discovered in Archaeopteryx, put it:

It boasts more than just... impressions of long-gone feathers. One of the world's most famous fossils... Archaeopteryx – also contains remnants of the feathers' soft tissue. ... "It's amazing that that chemistry is preserved after 150 million years." ... palaeontologists had long thought that only impressions remained. [But] "There is soft-tissue chemistry preserved in places that people didn't expect it," says [geochemist Roy] Wogelius.  [RSR: Not enough biological material was discovered to call it tissue but only remnants of tissue.]

Read the rest of this report at

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