Mr. Santorum: Please Re-Think Abortion Regulations

* Bob Rethinking Rick Santorum: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney examine Rick Santorum’s Campaign website and take issue with the fact that Mr. Santorum is still touting his support for abortion regulations as “pro-life”. But after having signed the “Personhood RE-publican Candidate Presidential Pledge”, (which allows for NO exceptions), Rick and his team have some soul searching to do. Until such time as Senator Santorum stops supporting child-killing regulations, Bob Enyart has withdrawn his support for Rick.

* Please Reach Out to Rick! We encourage everyone to CONTACT RICK SANTORUM’S CAMPAIGN, and let them know that abortion regulations are no longer considered pro-life. And that they must address the contents of their “Defending the Dignity of EVERY Human Life” page in light of Rick’s signature to the Personhood Pledge. Please send a message right now!

* Raw Milk Raid: Bob gives his opinion regarding the federal governments raid on an Amish raw milk “conspiracy”. Scary, scary stuff folks!

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