Colorado Republicans Disappear Romney

* Delegate Report from the Colorado Republican Assembly: Bob Enyart gives a delegate's report on the Colorado Republican State Assembly including the dramatic upset in Romney's failure to capture a majority of delegates, and the greater applause when Colorado Right To Life president Biff Gore was announced as compared to the subdued support when U.S. Sen. John Thune mentioned Mitt Romney!

* Former Argentine Dictator General Jorge Videla: A new book publishes admissions from Gen. Videla on the thousands of people he "disappeared," i.e., that he killed. And Bob remembers the front-page headline in Argentina's big daily newspaper, as reported in the Boston Globe: Dios Existe: "God Exists!"

* Post-show Note: In Bob's debate on the Huffington Post in which he is defending retaining the criminal status for recreational marijuana use, opposing Denver lawyer Robert Corry, the HuffPot editors asked for a Round Two, which you can now see at

* On a Strange Note: A local Christian blogger has taken to claiming that Bob lied when he said that he attended the Colorado Republican State Assembly as a delegate. And while of course we were concerned for her credibility, we confess that we didn't get around to substantiating the record (policing the web's not as easy as we make it look :) until we noticed that Denver's Westword repeated the claim, though of course merely as an innocent question. 

Canceled check for Bob's state and county delegate fees


















* Anatomy of a Minor Confusion: The Colorado Pols blog also repeated this accusation, apparently without doing any fact checking. And because Michael Roberts of Westword is, allegedly, a professional journalist, he doesn't get the same pass that the Christian blogger, who started this tempest in a teapot, gets. He could have at least called or emailed before repeating, albeit in the form of a question, an unsubstantiated accusation. (Sort of like, "Michael, is it true that you are beating your boyfriend?") The blogger may have come to her conclusion that Bob wasn't a delegate by searching through some candidate's email list of convention delegates. She may not have realized that political conventions are essentially campaigns, and campaigns edit their email lists to remove the names of opposing candidates, opposing campaign officials, and opposing media outlets. That may be why she didn't find Bob's name on the unofficial delegate list that she was using. Both Westword's Michael Roberts and this blogger could have contacted the Republican Party which keeps handy records of such things. And they could have contacted us. We would have been happy to provide them with confirmation. (After all, we typically openly answer questions even from the most hostile folks.) Finally, the week before the convention we interviewed in the BEL studio the chairman of the Republican State Resolutions Committee. He too could have been contacted. So, we posted above Bob's canceled check for the $60 state delegate fee (alternates, we believe, pay half price), and the $15 county delegate fee. And below, we provide that state committee chairman's correspondence to us at KGOV, and his correspondence to and from the executive director of the Jefferson County Republicans, with some particulars blurred so that those who harass us, like pro-aborts, atheists, socialists, etc., will at least have to take five seconds to first look up their contact info before harassing them :)  

Forwarded conversation
Subject: Inquiry re Delegate status

From: Russ Haas <-----@-------------->
Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 9:30 PM
To: Amy --------- <_______@------------------->
Cc: Bob Enyart <>

Dear Amy,

Bob Enyart of Pct. ---------- has been accused by a blogger of falsely claiming the he was a Delegate to County and State this year.

Can you please establish his status or advise him how he might do so?


Russ Haas

From: Russ Haas  <-----@-------------->
Date: Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 12:50 PM
To: Bob Enyart <>

From: Amy <_______@------------------->
To:  <-----@-------------->
Subject: RE: Inquiry re Delegate status
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 11:16:43 -0600

Russ – I can confirm that a Robert Enyart of precinct --- was indeed a delegate to county (D3) and state (D2). 

Thank you -

Amy -----------

Executive Director
Jefferson County Republican Party


* We're NumbMonthly Televised Classicser One, We're Number One UPDATE: Google: largest sign, and see that our anti-DNC sign made of 2,400 sheets sewn together is #1 out of a BILLION POSSIBLE PAGES! Bob and co-host Doug McBurney googled some of the common subjects and terms discussed on Bob Enyart Live. For many of these subjects, Google highly ranks KGOV and the pro-life websites that we support--many times as the number one site for given topics. Some examples are: Google: Sarah Palin pro-life, and comes up number one out of four million. "Ann Coulter" pro-life: ranks number one out of 14 million! Google: Life of the mother exception: four out of 60 million. And try googling: Romney abortion!

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