Falling Backwards into "Right"

* Dump Starbucks Stock: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney take note of the burgeoning DUMP STARBUCKS boycott campaign stemming from Starbuck’s aggressive promotion of all things immoral. Bob took the Venti Pike coffee he had purchased on the way to the studio and instead of drinking it... dumped it:

* The Accidental Conservatives: Colorado’s Republican legislature orchestrated a rear guard action to delay the onset of legal homosexual marriage, but failed to do anything to establish the reason homo marriage, (not to mention homosexuality) must be opposed.

* Et tu Marco? Even the great conservative hope Marco Rubio has been mis-educated by the modern church and cannot bring himself to state simply that homosexual marriage is morally wrong, citing “personal” beliefs & “majority” votes instead of God and the Bible.

* Personhood signature Resource: Find out about events all over Colorado at which you can gather signatures for Colorado’s Personhood Initiative at the Colorado Personhood Coalition Events Calendar!

The Truth on Romney and Homosexual Marriage in this Popular YouTube: Four talk show hosts, Bob Enyart, Bill Keller, Gregg Jackson, and Steve Deace, try to get the truth out of Ann Coulter in American RTL's Ann Coulter Hang-ups YouTube video:

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