Russ Haas: A Wealth of History

* The Bible and History: Bob interviews Russ Haas, who happens to be the chairman of Colorado's Republican Resolutions Committee, but who also is a history expert and has been to many countries and historical sites around the world. Bob and Russ discuss how history, geography and culture confirm the accuracy of Scripture, including for example how the name of Japan means "the rising sun" or "the east." Japan is in the East, not with respect to their own country, but from the perspective of the land of the Bible, just as the West is West of the land of Israel! Bob also mentions that the missionary travels of Paul were included in the Bible but the missions trips of the Twelve Apostles were not, and the reason for this is discussed at length in Bob's study of Galatians, and meticulously documented in Bob's book "The Plot".

* Free Speech for Christians: On April 4th at 3:30PM three Appellate Judges will hear motions on charges against Ken and another Bible Tour of Turkeyman on charges of trespassing. It will be at the University of Denver Law School in front of 150 students. Ken would love to see some of his supporters there but you'll have to make reservations by calling us here at Bob Enyart Live. It's 1-800-8Enyart or 1-800-836-9278.

Today's ResourceBible Tour of Turkey: See evidence for the Bible story and travel with Bob and 25 of his closest friends while they tour Turkey and the places Paul and Timothy ministered 2,000 years ago.