Haley Barbour Offends Jesus

* Haley Barbour Pardons His Butler: And when you read the story you realize that the killer was the butler, in Brandon MS, with a gun. But Barbour has said that releasing the trusties who live and work at the [governor’s] mansion is a tradition that goes back decades in Mississippi. Bob & Co Host Doug McBurney remind Haley of Matthew 15:3 & Mark 7: 8. An insightful and comprehensive study of the New Testament Support for the Death Penalty!

1, 2, 3 Epistles of John 4-DVD Video Set

Today's Resource: Meet the Apostle John. He was the youngest of the Twelve and at the time of this writing, he's now one of the last remaining. If you were an eyewitness to Christ's early ministry, what would concern you decades afterthe resurrection? From the battles that John fought we can learn lessons that will help us as we ourselves fight for the truth and battle false teaching within the church. By looking at "the things that differ", we can know what details in John's three epistles applied to the circumcision believers of his day and which of his teachings apply directly to us. Available on this 4-DVD Video Set.