Causes and Solutions to U.S. Epidemic Pt. 2

* More Lessons from the Aurora Murders: Bob Enyart continues the discussion of the distracting cliches, and talks about the actual causes, and the solutions to America's murder epidemic addressing that the claim that this the the price we pay for living in a "free society."

You Can't Stop Every Crime, But You CAN End an Epidemic

* First Dismiss the Distracting Cliches
- Gun Distraction: Guns were more accessible to Colorado young people 100 years ago, and they weren't killing each other
- The "Free Society" Distraction: This lament is a just a cliche that distracts from the lack of substance someone has to offer because murders occur in both free and not-free societies, including under dictators and tyrants. Distractors in Chief:

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper on CNN: "I'm not sure there is any way in a free society to be able" to stop this..."
LA Daily News Columnist: "What's a free society supposed to do..."
Wall Street Journal Headline: "How does a free society protect itself"
RealClearPolitics Headline: "How does a free society protect itself"

- Bias Distraction: If the murderer can be connected to conservatives (or even if not) that's the media spin (like the Norway killer, Gabriel Gifford's shooter, etc.)
- Deterrence Doesn't Work Distraction: Even this particular murderer did not want to die and may have been deterred if he expected return fire from law-abiding concealed-carry movie goers
- Mental Illness Distraction: Schools and other special interests will call for more focus on mental health, yet many of the school shooters have been on psychiatric drugs. Regarding this particular murderer, he knew the consequences of his actions, for he shot unarmed kids and families, but not the police who would have shot back and killed him. And defense attorneys claim temporary insanity, 99.9% of the time, for murder, but not for lesser crimes like shoplifting or failure to come to a complete stop. What? When people go temporarily insane they only commit felonies and not misdemeanors?

God's Criminal Justice System MP3 disc

* Identify the Causes of America's Crime Epidemic
- Education, entertainment, government, all deny the existence of absolute right and wrong and that absolutes flow from God
- Moral relativism is promoted; what's right for you isn't necessarily right for me
- It's no longer a justice system, now it's just a system
- If it feels good, do it
- Rejection of God's criminal justice system
- Christian leaders don't even give God the courtesy of knowing what He says on criminal matters (like, for example, perjury)
- Public schools teach kids that they're animals, so no one should be shocked when they act like animals
- Incarceration is time-out for adults where all the worst elements gather to drag each other downward
- Criminals and many young people have no fear, even in court before a judge
- Excessive violence from Hollywood and video games, including for young people, destroys innocence, as does hard and "soft" porn
- Society is drugged and drunk, like this murderer, on pot and other drugs
- Killing the innocent today is promoted as a valid solution to problems, as with euthanasia (like Children's Hospital euthanizing a 4-year-old handicapped boy), suicide, and abortion
- Our officially godless public schools
- And the ultimate cause of our murder epidemic is society pretending that there is no God, and even countless "conservative" leaders embarrased about God and the Scriptures and acting as though God were irrelevant to public policy (as per U.S. Justice Antonin Scalia) regarding life and death.

 * Identify the Solutions
- Advocate renewed recognition of God as our Creator
- Advocate recognition of rights as flowing from God
- Advocate enforcement of God's enduring command, Do not murder
- Advocate the abolition of human abortion
- Advocate for God's criminal justice system and a return to corporal punishment
- Advocate for the swift death penalty for all convicted murderers
- Oppose godless schools for children and oppose government school
- Oppose the intellectually bankrupt theory of evolution that claims we come from animals
- Oppose no-fault divorce
- Promote the personhood movement, the creation movement, and Christian homeschooling.

* 60% of U.S. Medical Doctors Believe God Involved in Human Origins: A study conducted by the prestigious yet pro-evolution Louis Finkelstein Institute of U.S. medical doctors shows that 60% of them believe that God was involved in the creation of mankind! That's 60% of American doctors who reject the strictly secular Darwinist explanation for our existence. (See the counterfactual evolutionist spin at, which exploits confusion over the terms evolution and intelligent design, and then see the actual poll results by clicking this link and then clicking Question 7 at the Internet Archive.) By religious affiliation, the percentage of U.S. MDs who believe intelligent design helps to explain the origin of mankind:
- Catholic doctors: 78% reject materialistic Darwinism
- Muslim doctors: 86% reject materialistic Darwinism
- Buddhist doctors: 43% reject materialistic Darwinism (compared to 36% who accept it)
- Hindu doctors: 54% reject materialistic Darwinism
- Jewish doctors: 32% reject materialistic Darwinism (as D&W reported and contrary to JTS' own spin)
- Atheist doctors: 2% reject materialistic Darwinism (with Hindus, 8%, and Buddhists 21%, beating out the 5% of atheists who say that they "don't like to think about such matters")
- Protestant doctors: 81% reject materialistic Darwinism (largest group of U.S. MDs)
- Other doctors: 54% reject materialistic Darwinism
- Of All Medical Doctors: 60% believe that God was involved in origins.
[See also: 60% of U.S. Public School Biology Teachers do not endorse Darwinism at]

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The KGOV Mailbag: Dear Pastor Enyart, I awakened this morning to the radio's reports of the horrible killings in Aurora. My prayers went immediately to God to show us how to heal our wounded culture from this senseless disregard for life. This prayer led me to my thoughts of you and to your wonderful teachings about respect for life. I believe the abortions, the extreme violence in our entertainment mediums, and the total abandonment of religious and moral teachings have brought our society to this level of complete disregard for life. Thank you for all that you do to teach the absolutes that we so vitally need in our world. Thank you for your respect of life, and praise of God and His laws. Thank you for the work you do to show us the folly of our ways.  This sickness in our midst can only be healed by faith and by our belief in the Lord. Please keep preaching the Word, as it, alone, is our only hope to be delivered from this evil that lives among us. Best regards, Chet Beck

Chet, thank you for your love for the Lord and for the innocent. And thanks for encouraging us here at BEL! We've included your words on our page. We need your prayers!

-Pastor Bob Enyart
Denver Bible Church
American Right To Life