Geneticist re: Christianity Today Denying Adam

Christianity Today's Fall* AiG Molecular Geneticist on RSR for the Anniversary of CT's Fiasco: Real Science Friday's Bob Enyart interviews Georgia Purdom, Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from Ohio State University on Christianity Today's denial that God made Adam from the dust of the earth. One year ago CT published their cover story, The Search for the Historical Adam which rejected the truth of Scripture for the bizarre old-earth idea that God put human souls into perhaps a couple hundred, or a couple thousand, animals which had evolved from ape-like creatures. CT's story claimed that genetic science requires this reinterpretation of God's Word. Enter Dr. Purdom.

* Molecular Genetics Expert Rejects the Christianity Today Compromise: Dr. Georgia Purdom, Answers in Genesis molecular geneticist who has published papers in peer-reviewed journals including in the Journal of Neuroscience is qualified to speak to the issue. Dr. Purdom also invites folks to see AiG's Ark Encounter project a 500-foot long life-sized Ark out of wood just as Noah would have!

Bob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.

* Dr. Purdom says that the Junk DNA Isn't Junk: Even Scientific American reports that, "The term 'junk DNA' repelled mainstream researchers from studying noncoding genetic material for many years." This reminds the RSR crew of the DVD, Bob Debates an Evolutionist, about our debate in 1998 with one of the world's leading anti-creationist scientists, Dr. Eugenie Scott. In her losing maneuver, the evolutionist scientist flubbed her prediction about genetics, whereas the creationist talk show host hit the bull's-eye. Refusing throughout to provide positive scientific evidence for evolution, Eugenie instead offered theological, negative evidence against creation: "Junk DNA." That's a philosophical argument about what a Creator might or might not do; namely, that He wouldn't fill our genome with a large percentage of non-protein-coding DNA. While some simple worms have 20,000 genes, it is typically a small portion of DNA that actually codes for proteins. A human has only 20,500 genes, which fills only 2% of our genome. Yet the widespread evolutionary claim for decades (including through the last two decades, and for many, still clung to today) was that the rest of the genome was mostly left-over evolutionary garbage. Bob argued that our knowledge of genetics was in its infancy, and that it was too early to make the determination that all those non-coding segments of DNA had no function. Eugenie stated that we did not need to learn anything more about DNA in order to conclude that the noncoding DNA had no function. Bob offered her the opportunity to retract that statement. She turned down that offer. (You can hear all this online, or get the DVD!) The decade following that debate was one of explosive discoveries in genetics which overwhelmingly falsified Eugenie's claims and validated Bob's creationist perspective! For aside from coding for 20,500 proteins, geneticists estimate that the remainder of the genome has approximately one million other functional regulatory segments of DNA. So much for junk

* Looking Back to RSF's 2011 Christianity Today Program: For our audience's convenience, here's the show summary from last year's RSR show on CT's Search for Adam:

* Christianity Today Denies that God Made Adam from the Dust of the Earth: Real Science Friday co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart rebut the CT story, The Search for the Historical Adam, revealing the science and Scripture that Christianity Today choose not to include. CT omitted the many discoveries published by evolutionists in refereed scientific journals that support the Genesis account of the special creation of Adam and Eve in the recent past. And the magazine also failed to warn readers that the liberal churches that affirm abortion and homosexuality, and that even deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ, all began their moral and spiritual downward slide by denying the historicity of the foundational book of Genesis. Christianity Today is following in their footsteps with their claim that God put a human soul into animals that had evolved from ape-like creatures.

* Christianity Today's Missing Science: Bob and Fred present discoveries that Christianity Today happened to leave out of their article including:
- a Y-chromosomal Adam only a few thousand years old
- a 6,000-year old Mitochondrial Eve calculated using exclusively human genetic data
- Haldane's Dilemma on the far-too-slow rate at which tens of millions of hominid mutations can propagate species-wide
- the enormous dissimilarity of chimps and humans
- now sponges genes are 70% the same as human genes
- and the newly-compared and 30% "horrendously" different chimp Y-chromosome
Actual measured mutation rates, in fact, as reported by Ann Gibbons in Science magazine indicate that, if these rates have been constant, "mitochondrial Eve… would be a mere 6000 years old." See the latest in the scientific observations on the genetic information about Adam and Eve in Bob's article, Why Was Canaan Cursed?

* Christianity Today's Missing Scripture: As for the Scriptural implications of CT's allegation, Bob and Fred point out that Moses, Paul, and Jesus all referred to Adam as a literal person and the creation account is presented as historical, with Jesus reminding people that "from the beginning of the creation [not after billions of years], God made them male and female," ( Mark 10:6 ). Today Real Science Radio explains something that Christianity Today left out of their article, that CT and those who reject the literal meaning of Genesis, who:
- do away with a literal Adam, also
- do away with the biblical teaching of no death before Adam, and
- do away with the six literal days of creation, and
- do away with the global flood, and
- do away with the Tower of Babel, and
- do away with the "order" of the days of creation, and
- do away with God making man from the dust of the ground, and
- by claiming that "Adam" may have been an incorporation of thousands of individuals, they even undermine the New Testament's genealogy of Jesus Christ; also, such compromised Christians typically also
- do away with the the fall of Jericho, and
- do away with the historicity even of Joshua's battles, and
- do away with the book of Jonah, and with many other events that the Bible and Jesus present not as parables or symbols but as actual history. And as the foundation goes, so goes the temple of the house of God, and Christians then begin to see even the resurrection of Christ as a metaphor.

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