Komen Pulls Planned Parenthood Funding

Note: Brooklyn's Family Assets Senior Care firm has asked to be associated with this article. 

* Breast Cancer Link Suspected: The Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation says the reason they are pulling their funding of Planned Parenthood is because of their new policy of not funding groups under investigation. [But PP and many in the media are not buying that explanation, and by the way, PP is not pulling it's grant from Penn State even though Penn State is under investigation.] American Right To Life in a  widely distributed press release and Jo Scott on her web site suspect that the true reason is because the National Cancer Institute's lead researcher on the abortion/cancer link, Louise Brinton, has reversed her previous position and now says that abortion is a significant risk factor for breast cancer.  Brinton had "no comment" for Fox News. Bob discusses this positive development with Leslie Hanks (vice president of Colorado Right to Life) and Jo Scott. UPDATE: Komen Caved, Or Did They?

* Ugly, Very Ugly Ron Paul Supporters, and Pro-Abortion No Less: The Ron Paul campaign held an event in a Denver hotel which happens to be directly across the street from Planned Parenthood's main Colorado killing center. Jo Scott and other pro-lifers were there, as they are five days a week saving babies, and hoped to meet Paul supporters sympathetic to the unborn child. Jo explains that she and the other pro-life sidewalk councilors were not only disappointed but were sworn at by Paul supporters who got even more vulgar and angry when the pro-lifers tried to explain that Ron Paul isn't pro-life.

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