A young volcano, moon, bacteria, and DNA

Modern volcano Parícutin erupting...* What Do the Big Bang, Chalk, Whales, Bacteria, & Fish Have in Common? Co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the latest issue of Creation magazine that raises questions about fascinating scientific matters, including:
- The 9-year life cycle of a volcano
- The island that formed "million-year" features in months
- The 24 eyes of the jellyfish that focuses on the tops of trees
- Saturn's young moon Titan
- Left-handed amino acids
- Just discovered dinosaur DNA
- Wildly inflated radioisotope ages of rocks of known age
- Jesus says love is the great command; for Buddha it was the enemy.
- The silky anteater might eat 8,000 ants per night, but that's just the hook to get an evolutionist's attention!

* The Paricutin Volcano: If no one had witnessed Paricutin's birth, evolutionist geologists would likely have said that it died out hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago. Along with the Darwin marketing reps generally, National Geographic, for example, will tell their readers that any particular formation or feature is eons old, even though their bias leads them to guess incorrectly a thousand times over.

* Real Science Radio Predictions: As a post-show update for this last program of the year, see below for a listing of the RSR science predictions.

* Upcoming 2013 RSR Shows: Next year, Lord willing, we'll expand our tradition of annual shows to this:
January: List of Not So Old Things
March: List of Evidence Against the Big Bang
May: List of Peer-reviewed Dino Soft Tissue Papers
July: List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections
Aug: List of Scholars Doubting Darwin and the Big Bang
Sept: List of the Fine Tuning of Creation
Oct: List of Carbon 14 Where it Shouldn't Be
Nov: List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit

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Post-Show Updates

* National Public Radio Program Lawsuit Settled: "Bob Enyart Live has changed the name of its science program to resolve a trademark disagreement," said Bob, with the new name being Real Science Radio. (RSR will be available here at KGOV.com like always, and also at realscienceradio.com.) Fred Williams added that, "The trademark suit was settled to the satisfaction of all parties."

This lawsuit was first reported in the mainstream press by the NY Post and then by the Denver Post, Arvada pastor says his science show is real deal, which reported:

"We think [National Public Radio's] Ira Flatow is a little bit jealous," Enyart said. "For example, when people want to find out the latest science — like finds of dinosaur soft tissue — they come to "Real Science Friday [now Real Science Radio]." We beat out a lot of science sites.

A Google search of 'dinosaur soft tissue' brings up Smithsonian Magazine first on the list, but Enyart's site is fourth [now 2nd! dinosaursofttissue.com] — well ahead of National Geographic's and NPR's." -reported by the Denver Post's Electa Draper

For those who have a strong stomach, you might want to read through the comment thread at that popular Sunday Denver Post article where Bob has interesting interaction with many of his critics. Rodger's comment though, shows himself not so much a critic of Bob but a critic of Jesus Christ. For Rodger wrote: "I teach children that Hell is a wonderful place that has puppys [sic], toys, and lots of presents all the time. And there is always good food and yummy candy, and Santa Claus stops by every day." Still however, we do recommend checking out the whole thread!

Today’s Resources: Learn more about Saturn's moon Titan, and A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THAT! Get the Spike Psarris DVD What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy and Vol. II, Our Created Stars and Galaxies! Have you browsed through our Science Department in the KGOV Store? Check out also Walt Brown’s In the Beginning!

* RSR's List of Things Atheists Take By Faith: While theoretical physicist (emphasis on the theoretical) Lawrence Krauss told Real Science Radio that atheist scientists "dont't believe anything" (i.e., they only consent to observable facts), here is the RSR List of Beliefs Held by Atheists. Atheist dogma is not based on evidence. The Bible, on the other hand, defines faith as the proper response to the "evidence" (Hebrews 13:1). Thus because atheists have no evidence for their central doctrines, they therefore hold to their dogma by bind faith. For example:
- Whereas all empirical evidence has documented that life arises from life (known as the law of biogenesis, with no known exceptions), atheists believe that life originated from non-life.
- Atheists believe, without benefit of mechanism or evidence, that consciousness can arise naturally.
- Whereas all empirical evidence runs contrary to what they take by faith, atheists believe that information, specifically genetic information, can arise without intelligence.
- Whereas the origin of the process of encoding a protein sequence onto a DNA molecule is utterly inconceivable to anyone who denies the non-physical reality, regardless, atheists have faith that the laws of physics can bring about the symbolic encoding of information onto a DNA molecule.
- Committing the logical fallacy of an invalid appeal to authority, evolutionists believe that the scientific success that creationists have and that atheists have, in applied science, indicates that atheists are correct in their theoretical claims regarding origins. (That the Wright Brothers figured out how to overcome gravity does not indicate that therefore their pronouncements on origins should be accepted. Besides, the Wright Brothers were creationists. :)
- Whereas no empirical evidence indicates that the universe does not have a center, nor that the Milky Way is not in the center, atheists fiercely hold to the philosophical cosmological principle and believe that the universe has no center.
That atheists hold such doctrines shows them to be "religiously dogmatic" (Anderson, 2013, CRSQ 49(4) p. 263).

* RSR's List of Predictions: [For the most up-to-date version of this, please see rsr.org/predictions.] Here are some of the general predictions from Real Science Radio:
- A systematic assessment of mutations in fossils will show far fewer mutations as compared to today.
- Evolutionists will never discover insects that have (for ex.) hearing, that previously had no ears.
- Uncontaminated and non-radioactive amber, even allegedly from 300 Mya, will have significant Carbon 14.
- The evolutionary assumption that sponges must have the ultimate stem cells will never be validated.
- Research will show a genetic bottleneck in history of four mitochondrial DNA lineages (four women).
- The Russians will find that their 2-mile deep bore hole into Lake Vostok in Antarctica will provide unexpected evidence that seems to contradict their belief that it has been sealed off by ice from the surface for 20 millions years.
- Asteroids will be shown to have debris fields orbiting them.
- Impactors that hit the near side of the Moon have hit with more force than those that hit the far side.
2-year lunar libration (rocking)- The rocking of the Moon is slowing, but not discernibly only over millions of years as expected by the evolutionary time frame, but far more rapidly, as will be confirmed by photographic records, not over eons but over decades (added 9/1/13). See Wikipedia for their incomplete description of the Moon's rocking movement, which is called libration. Standard explanations of lunar libration present three kinds of movements but they omit a fourth, which explains what made the near side of the Moon the near side. As proved by NASA's Grail mission in 2012, the mass concentrations on the Moon coincide with the impact craters. After the impacts, gravity swung that "heavier side" of the Moon (via tidal locking) such that it now always faces the Earth. If Noah's kids had drawn careful pictures of the Moon, they would have depicted craters that today are not visible to us on Earth because they're on the "back side." The issue is complicated, but if we can locate sufficient photo documentation of the Moon from the early 1900s or before, or, even if we begin with more recent photos (like the wonderfully standardized images to the right from 2006/2007) at high enough resolution, we should be able to show that this fourth kind of movement is slowing relatively quickly, that is, discernibly over decades and centuries, not over eons.
- By 2020 (just to put a date on it), powerful and less disputed evidence of biological matter scattered in the solar system will be added to the currently existing apparent evidence which includes apparent cellulose (Hoyle, Wickramasinghe, et al. in Nature, etc.), diatom apparently collected at high altitude from a meteor shower, left-handed amino acids, apparent dormant bacteria, and long-chained organic material (in Nature). The fountains of the great deep expelled this matter from Earth.

* RSR Soft Tissue Predictions: Regarding soft tissue and other original biological material from dinosaur-layer (and deeper) strata, here are half-a-dozen Real Science Radio predictions including that:
- Original dinosaur soft tissue, etc., will be found largely independent of the claimed age of the fossil.
- For now, dinosaur soft tissue will be found not only in rare circumstances, but rather easily, i.e., when looked for.
- Biological material will be found independent not only of alleged age (whether tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of years old), but also significantly independent of the specimen's environment, that is, whether preserved by mummification or encased in amber, sandstone, marine sediments, etc. (Ice, of course, would do much better.)
- Evolutionists presuming that dino soft tissue lasts indefinitely will be surprised to find it decreasingly discoverable in the 2020s, 2030s, 2040s, etc.
- An awareness will set in that just as evolutionary assumptions led to the lost decades of dismissing function for a majority of our genome, and for dismissing exploration of function in vestigial organs, also, a century of lost opportunity has passed during which vast quantities of otherwise discoverable biological material has disappeared forever, all because Darwinism led scientists to believe it was ridiculous even to look for it (just as they now claim it is ridiculous to carbon date diamonds, etc.).
- Even endogenous dinosaur soft tissue will have 14C (whenever tested for), arguing strongly against contamination.
- Unracemized (i.e., mostly left-handed) amino acids will be found extensively (whenever tested for) in dino tissue.
- The exact same specimens will be claimed to be both contaminated and uncontaminated. Where amino acid and radiocarbon testing is done on soft tissue, evolutionists will claim that (allegedly old) uncontaminated soft tissue is simultaneously contaminated by (short-lived) Carbon 14 and left-handed amino acids. The lack of contamination that enables the identification of original tissue is confirmed (by genetic sequencing, immunological tests, etc.) whereas the (allegation of) contamination of short-lived radiocarbon and non-racemized acids is usually not confirmed but only assumed. Evolutionists are thereby alleging that complex biological molecules endure not only with the randomizing effects of molecular motion, changes in temperature, etc., for 68M, 80M, 150M, 190M, 350M years, and more, but also multiple processes of contamination which (allegedly) include the introduction of left-handed amino acids and modern carbon.
- Mary Schweitzer will be widely shown to be wrong in her published claim that biological iron is the preservative that enables soft tissue to survive for millions of years. This will be falsified by the realization that many specimens of recovered soft tissue are not associated with heavy deposits of biological iron.

* RSR Psychological Predictions: Human beings are mentally degenerating, making this a risky RSR venture, however:
- The frequency of claims of observed alien spaceships will diminish proportionately with the prevalence of video-capable cell phones. (Some aliens traveled thousands of light years to get here, to make crop circles, and then leave. :)
- Fifty years after anatomists showed that the human eye is not wired backwards, evolutionists will still claim it is.
- Richard Dawkins will never withdraw, nor ever repeat, his claim made out of evolutionary bias that the human eye was poorly designed because it was wired backwards.
- Governments will significantly reduce the budgets for fundamental scientific research over the next twenty years because their philosophical goal has been to affirm methodological naturalism, and with that backfiring, and creationists celebrating discovery after discovery, they'll conclude that they are not getting their money's worth.

* RSR Predictions Confirmed: Aside from other non-science predictions, here are our confirmed RSR predictions:
- 1995 prediction that the Hubble Deep Field images of distant galaxies would look basically like nearby galaxies
- 1998 prediction to Eugenie Scott that it was wrong for anti-creationists like her to characterize DNA as Junk
- 2004 prediction to the former president of the Environ. & Eng. Geophysical Society about earthquake risk estimates
- 2007 prediction vindicated that evolutionists would ignore the greatest paleontological discovery ever made
- 2012 prediction very little of a lengthy, acclaimed book on eye evolution will actually be about how eyes evolve.

* Favorite Scientist's Predictions: See the many predictions, including ones already fulfilled, by Real Science Radio's favorite scientist, including:
- pooled water under mountains (confirmed)
- many fossilized whales at the base of Andes
- Earth is shrinking
- granite layer deep under Pacific floor
- sequence of ages wrong for Hawaiian islands
- Grand Canyon’s inner gorge is a tension crack
- no fossils, coal, or strata below frozen mammoths
- salt on Mars (confirmed)
- mass of solar system heavier than expected
- excess heavy hydrogen in very deep water
- Oort cloud does not exist
- no incoming hyperbolic comets
- asteroids are flying rock piles (confirmed)
- rapidly spinning asteroids are well-rounded
- asteroid rocks are magnetized
- water is inside large asteroids
- little radioactivity on Moon, Mars
- carbon-14 in “old” bones (confirmed)

* Obvious Implications of Young Earth Creationism: Whether or not any creation scientist ever got around to framing these as predictions, here are a few obvious implications of biblical creationism.
- In a big picture and sweeping manner, genetic sequences will not adhere to the tree of life concept.
- Genesis taken literally predicts unexpected worldwide Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA similarity.
- Astronomy discoveries will not generally fulfill predictions of the Big Bang.

* Hubble's Discovery of Galaxies Beyond the Milky Way: As stated on the cover of National Geographic's 2012 Space Atlas, "Edwin Hubble... first established that the universe is made up of discrete galaxies." While this was questioned previously, the uncertainty faded when Hubble published his observations first in the New York Times in 1924. The previous mindset of astronomers, that our galaxy equaled the entire universe, is stated bluntly in the 1905 book The System of the Stars by Agnes Clerke, who claimed:

The question whether nebulae are external galaxies hardly any longer needs discussion [for they are NOT, this respected author was claiming]. It has been answered by the progress of research. No competent thinker, with the whole of the available evidence before him, can now, it is safe to say, maintain any single nebula to be a star system of co-ordinate rank with the Milky Way. A practical certainty has been attained that the entire contents, stellar and nebular, of the sphere belong to one mighty aggregation [i.e., she alleged, our the Milky Way universe]."