Marriage: Now Romney Pulls Obama To The Left

* No Politics As Usual with Romney in the Race: The dynamics of the general election normal moves candidates to the political center. However, with Mitt Romney the presumptive Republican candidate, in the first significant shift of the general election, today Barack Obama declared his support for homosexual marriage. Because Romney has already instituted homosexual marriage and fulfilled promises to homosexual special interests, Barack Obama is being pulled to the left. (And as for the lie that Romney was forced to institute homosexual marriage, see the Ann Coulter Hang Ups below.)

* Susan Sutherland Updates the Audience on Colorado's Signature Drive: Susan, the initiative director for Colorado's 2012 Personhood petition drive, updates us on the progress of the signature drive. Here's what we ALL NEED TO DO:
* If you're OUTSIDE OF COLORADO, give a quick donation to CRTL
* If you're in Colo and don't have a petition, call to get one at 303-456-2800
* If you have a petition that's empty or almost so, please urgently start getting signatures
* If you have 25+ signatures already, please call for a new blank petition and when you get it, get your current petition notarized and then hand deliver or mail in the signatures you've already obtained!
THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE FOR THE LORD AND THE INNOCENT! And from Bob's wife, "If you'd like to be on our team, just email me, at or calling Bob's studio at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) and we'll get you a petition and count your signatures toward our own goal of 2,000! Thanks so much!" -Cheryl Enyart

* The Truth on Romney and Homosexual Marriage in this Popular YouTube: Four talk show hosts, Bob Enyart, Bill Keller, Gregg Jackson, and Steve Deace, try to get the truth out of Ann Coulter in American RTL's Ann Coulter Hang-ups YouTube video:

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