RSR Predicts: Two-mile Deep Lake To Surprise Evolutionists

* RSR Prediction CONFIRMED: Bob & Fred celebrate the Russians findings which confirmed their creation-based prediction! Those expecting to see millions of years of evolution in isolated Lake Vostok were disappointed with the hard scientific findings while the creationists were celebrating! See this prediction confirmation at!

* Bill Nye Irony: When Bill Nye said that creationists cannot make scientific predictions (that would be later confirmed), ironically, he helped publicize the many astounding confirmed predictions of creation scientists. And secondly, he helped make our very own Real Science Radio program more discoverable to the general public. UPDATE: For as of June 2015, for the web search: creation science predictions, Google ranks our own program, RSR's List of Creation Science Predictions, at #3 of 1.2 million pages! :)

Liquid lake below Antarctica ice!

* Liquid Water Below Antarctica; Comets in Space: The Real Science Radio co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams predict that the Russian scientists who evaluate the data obtained from their 2-mile deep borehole into Lake Vostok in Antarctica will be surprised to find evidence that seems to contradict the old-earth belief that it has been sealed off from light, the atmosphere, and evolving surface organisms for at least 15 million years. That length of time is three times longer than it took to allegedly evolve humans from chimp-like creatures, and with the Scientific American report that the frozen over lake has been isolated for closer to 20 million years, that's comparable to the time it took for the "Cambrian explosion" to allegedly produce most of the body plans now in existence. Consider the contradictory expectations of young-earth creationists and evolutionists from two perspectives, first, in light of micro- and macroevolution and secondly, in light of the vastly different reproduction rates of animals as compared to microbes. Creationists see the scientific evidence as consistent with the biblical account indicating that Lake Vostok has only been frozen over for a few thousand years, not millions. Thus, the expectations of young earthers is that Vostok's organisms have had only a relatively brief amount of time, thousands of years, not millions, for their sealed-in microbes to mutate and to express the variation initially written into their genomes. And further, because macroevolution does not occur anyway (that is, no new vital organs, etc., have ever evolved, which should be obvious), therefore, no new body plans, no new body parts, nor metabolic pathways, have ever emerged, and therefore, Lake Vostok's fauna will not provide evolutionists with the treasure trove of evidence for their theory that they were expecting. For what we have learned from life elsewhere is that, while changes to wing color and beak length do occur over time, as consistent with the creation model and intrinsic genomic richness, no creature has ever evolved into another kind of organism.

Where did all the water go?* Butterfly Update and Where Did the Water Go? Bob and Fred discuss an article from the Institute for Creation Research that uses the latest NASA space photo of the Earth to help answer the question, Where did all the water from the global flood go? (See the image to the left centered on the Pacific Ocean.) The guys also discuss two articles in the current Answers Magazine about butterfly technology and about what triggered the flood. RSR suggests that meteors could not have triggered the flood because they are the result of the flood. And finally, in the same vein, the two take issue with's claim that a black hole at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy is devouring an asteroid about once a day. After all, asteroids are flying rock piles, and comets are dirty snow balls, and knowing their source really helps make the cosmos more understandable and our scientific predictions more reliable!

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