RSR: Adipose Fins and the Dinosaur Death Pose

Evolutionists wrong about adipose fin* Fish Fin Designed by God:  A dorsal fin, called an adipose fin, on some fish was thought by evolutionists to be a left over (vestigial) structure from its evolutionary past. Believing this to be so, biologists in fish hatcheries would cut these fins off thinking it would help the salmon survive better in the wild. It has now been shown that fish with that particular fin still attached are better swimmers. At one time, evolutionists believed that there were over 100 so-called vestigial organs, glands, or structures in the human body. Practically all have now been shown to have important functions with the trend indicating that the evolutionary assumptions here will have been wrong every time.

Death pose experiment provides more evidence of watery grave

* Dinosaur Death Pose
: Fossils of dinosaurs all over the world are found with their necks and heads bent backwards. Experiments show that the necks and heads of dead birds today that are buried in watery graves also bend backwards in the same manner. This is additional evidence supporting the creationist assertion that these articulated dinosaur skeletons were buried in a flood -- a big one. Bob asked if anyone in the audience would be willing to replicate one of the quail experiments mentioned. See this also at New Scientist.

* Old(er) Bird: Once again the evolutionary time line is set on its head. This time by a find in China in which a bird fossil is said to be much older than the supposed first bird, Archaeopteryx.

* Humming Bird Beaks: The beak of a humming bird is very flexible and can snap shut at an amazingly-fast speed (in just one-hundredth of a second), allowing for the bird to catch those pesky but very fast fruit flies.

Just another missionary lizard... (see* Concrete that Bends: Scientists have developed concrete that bends and heals itself. "Sidewalk, heal thyself!" These inventors used knowedge gleaned by observing God's amazing designs in the natural world (know as biomimicry).

* Global Warming Making It ColderSeventy-nine degrees below zero in Alaska! Just thinking about it makes a person cold. The all-time record cold in Alaska is eighty below zero at Ft. Yukon in 1971 -- just one degree colder than it got just a few weeks ago at Jim River, Alaska. Dr. Roy Spencer says global warming is not man-made and NASA satellites show that more heat than previously thought is being released to space. Over 31,000 American scientists agree that the man-made global warming claims are not the result of good science and have publicly affirmed their opposition to the hype by signing the Global Warming Petition Project.


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dinosaur death pose by a Struthiomimus (ornithomimosaur)