Personhood USA's Jonathan Sutherland in Studio

* July 9th Personhood Petition Deadline Closing In: Jonathan Sutherland tells us that there are about 12,000 petitions circulating to collect the 120,000 signatures to get personhood on the ballot in Colorado! But we're possibly NOT going to reach our goal unless YOU call Colorado RTL at 303-753-9394 and ask for a petition to make it 12,001 in circulation. (If you already have 30 or more signatures, please call for a new petition, and then turn in the signatures you already have to help the organizers do better at a nearly impossible task: estimating how well the petition drive is proceeding!)

* Transcript of Bob Enyart Interview with Warren Hern: As Bob mentioned on today's program, Boulder, Colorado's late-term abortionist Warren Hern appeared as a guest on Bob Enyart Live. As published in the Denver Catholic Register and Bob Enyart's The Rational Inspirer newsletter, the following dialogue on Denver radio's KLTT occurred between Mr. Enyart and nationally-known author of the Abortion Practice textbook:

ABORTIONIST WARREN HERN: Abortion has to do with fundamental decisions people make about their lives... Of course the public debate is about who is going to make that decision. The individual or the state.

PASTOR BOB ENYART: So women and families should make the decisions, these life or death decisions?
HERN: Yes.

ENYART: Did you notice the news story this week; some doctors went to a judge to try and appoint a legal guardian for a woman who was in a coma? Her husband wanted to continue medical treatment.
HERN: Yes, I saw that.

ENYART: But the doctors wanted to cancel medical treatment.
HERN: Right.

ENYART: Would you have agreed with that judge, then, that no, those doctors didn't have a right to appoint a legal guardian?
HERN: No, I think the doctors were doing the right thing and I support the doctors' point of view although I'm not involved in that case and it has obviously nothing to do with abortion. But I think it's absurd to maintain someone on life support systems when they are not even functioning.

ENYART: So even thought the immediate family wanted to continue to medical care, you would have taken that decision away from the family?
HERN: Well, I think that is, a, I, I thought we going to be talking about abortion. This is really not a question I was prepared to discuss. It's clearly one in which I have interest in, and it relevant, but why don't we stick to abortion.

This transcript was first published statewide in the Denver Catholic Register. Abortionist Warren Hern, on Bob Enyart Live on July 3, 1991, unwittingly admitted his true belief: people like him should decide who lives and who dies. The family should be overruled by the government imposing the euthanasia and abortion industry's decision to euthanize (or abort) our loved ones. This is nationally-known Warren Hern's admitted belief. By claiming to be "pro-choice," he is a liar (and we argue, by extension and evidence, such as its lack of action against, and even arguably its funding of, China's forced-abortion program) that the abortion industry itself is not even "pro-choice" but simply pro-death. Abortionist Warren Hern violates even his own immoral standard, and would usurp the family's supposed right, and give that power to the government, to "make that decision" regarding life and death. The truth is that the abortion and euthanasia leaders believe "unwanted" human beings should die. The family's desire is irrelevant to them, unless it coincides with their own demand to kill the innocent.

Creation Meeting June 8th: You're invited to attend the Rocky Mtn. Creation Fellowship meeting at 7 p.m. on June 8th! And in the meantime, see and the stunning RSF's List of Not So Old Things.

Will Retiring Neal Boortz Keep His Word to BEL: During the Boortz/Enyart Debate on a National Sales Tax, Neal Boortz promised the audience that he would put a link to that debate on his own homepage for a week. Neal has yet to do that. Any suggestions on how to get Neal to keep his word on this?

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