Romneycare Upheld & Abe Lincoln Felled

* Romneycare Upheld: On Thursday U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts predictably upheld Romneycare (no slip of the tongue there). And the federal vs. state nature of government healthcare reform is as irrelevant both to God and to matters of right and wrong as it's been to Mitt Romney who sent his advisors to the White House to help architect Obamacare. Also, the federal income tax money remitted by each of us is used to pay for abortions in Boston. For Romney personally negotiated with the federal government to subsidize his Massachusetts government intrusion upon healthcare. This makes his state program fully a part of the federally-funded overreach of the U.S. government. See also the vitally important Pro-life Profiles of Romney, Roberts, and especially, one minute of the video at the Antonin Scalia profile.

* Abe Lincoln Felled: The Aurora, Colorado police are looking for the pro-choice Colorado man who assaulted personhood volunteer Everett Stadig. Today Bob Enyart interviews Mt. Rushmore's longtime Abraham Lincoln look-a-like, 68-year-old Stadig, who has been an important personhood worker for years now and has given of his time freely in a labor of love for the Lord and for his neighbor. The 40ish man who assaulted Stadig was immediately angered upon hearing Everett say, "Please sign the personhood petition to help stop abortion." Below, see the 2007 press release and photos of Stadig from Colorado RTL about the historic hospitality event that helped to launch the personhood movement!

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*Abe Lincoln One Mile From the World's Largest Protest Sign: An official Guinness Book of World RecordsTM attempt to display the largest ever protest sign succeeded. The 530-foot tall and 666-foot wide message was shouted from the mountaintops overlooking the Democratic National Convention. After seeing the news helicopter reports or the press release, thousands of DNC delegates and journalists looked out their hotel windows to the west to see the sign. Sponsored by American RTL, the message initially appeared with three enormous 160-foot tall, bright yellow letters, D-N-C, stacked on top of each other. Then the full message began to unfurl on North Table Mountain just west of Denver... See the rest of the story...

* George Will-type John Roberts Spin Control: No longer having truth as an asset, Republican talking heads have followed columnist George Will's spin, claiming that when "Chief Justice John Roberts" cast the deciding vote to uphold Obamacare, "Conservatives won a substantial victory," because "Roberts got the court to reject the Comerce Clause rationale" to justify Obamacare. So, the greatest government power grab in U.S. history over the private sector is a victory because the court said the constitution restricts government regulation of commerce." The Republican dealers are obviously taking their own drugs.


Hostility met with Hospitality at National Right to Life Convention
Ejected Colorado Right To Life
Hosts Hospitality Suite for NRTL Conventioneers

Kansas City, MO, June 18, 2007 -- Immediately after the National Right To Life board voted to kick out their Colorado affiliate for exposing the truth about a recent Supreme Court ruling, hundreds of NRTL conventioneers were treated to a lavish hospitality suite hosted by the ousted Colorado Right To Life group. Bypassing the authorized program and official exposition floor of the NRTL convention, the excommunicated organization fellowshipped with NRTL members from around the country.

At the entrance to the penthouse suite of Kansas City Missouri's Hyatt Regency, an Abraham Lincoln lookalike greeted visitors saying, "Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal... NO EXCEPTIONS!" And with that modification of the Gettysburg Address, rank-and-file soldiers were recruited into a civil war of sorts within the pro-life movement.

Forty floors above the clinical NRTL workshops, Colorado Right To Life served hors d'oeuvres, shrimp cocktail, and full-page advertisements to curiously hungry activists. CRTL vice president Leslie Hanks read to visitors from the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on partial-birth abortion (PBA) showing that it does not have the authority to prevent even one abortion. Hundreds of long-time activists were shocked, some to tears, to see the evidence and hear the quotes from leaders, like from Dr. James Dobson who had just conceded on a Focus on the Family website that, "Ending partial-birth abortion... does not save a single human life." This admission came just weeks after Focus on the Family claimed that this PBA ruling "will protect preborn children" ( and "affirms the value of human life" (Focus on the Family).

Looking out over the city skyline, NRTL speakers and organizers, ministry leaders, and journalists were given original copies of the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Washington Times, and Human Events magazine which contained the groups widely-publicized open letter to Dr. Dobson. A growing coalition of Christian organizations are exposing the pro-life industry's failed strategy after a 15-year effort to outlaw partial-birth abortion led to a solidly pro-abortion ruling which is more brutal than the procedure than it supposedly had banned.

Experienced from years working at Mt. Rushmore, and with his impeccable impersonation, pro-life actor Everett Stadig said to each group, "I had a bad experience at a show once, but if you step into our theater, you'll be as shocked as the patron's of Ford's theater!" Streams of stunned visitors watched a fact-filled video which ran daily non-stop from 8 a.m. till 9 p.m. showing:

- Ambassador Alan Keyes condemning the Gonzales v. Carhart PBA ruling;

- CRTL then president Brian Rohrbough on the CBS Evening News explaining that godlessness leads to the murder of children in the womb and at school; and,

- Focus on the Strategy II, a presentation exposing the failed anti-abortion strategy, and that National Right To Life has abdicated the moral and spiritual leadership of a Christian movement to lawyers.

This bold maneuver high above the NRTL convention gave the exiled group special opportunities to expose the truth of the PBA ban, including when a reporter for National Public Radio recorded an interview with CRTL spokesman Bob Enyart. And according to CRTL vice president Leslie Hanks, in this hospitality suite, scores of conventioneers committed themselves to oppose the NRTL strategy of regulating child-killing, and to only support laws, judges, and politicians who will not authorize the killing of a single innocent child.

Contact: Leslie Hanks
V.P. Colorado RTL

Hospitality Suite   Hospitality Suite  
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