Don't Worship Democracy

* This Way to the Caliphate: Guest host Doug McBurney sit’s in (while Bob enjoys some time off in Southern California), and can’t help but comment on the congratulatory phone call from Barry HO to lifelong Jew hater, and new, (democratically elected) Egyptian Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

The L. Ron Hubbard of Global Warming: Hear how the man with the Gaia theory, who inspired a generation of stoned hippies to fear global warming and hate their neighbor now admits he’s cooled on the whole global warming thing… But don’t get him wrong, he still believes, he’d just like to correct the record before being cast into outer darkness…

This is Family Values? A man throws his (female) wife from a moving car, proving once again that strong support for traditionalmarriage does not necessarily make you a decent person.

Rubio’s Bowl of Pottage: Doug predicts Marco Rubio will be pagan pro-abortion, pro homo marriage - Mitt Romney’s running mate. Another milestone signaling that the Body of Christ (and home-schoolers in particular) must “grow our own” leaders, as the ones we have are altogether unprofitable.

That’s Just Pat! As a member in good standing of the brightest audience in the nation, Pat in Ohio calls in to defend the actions of a 14 year old who shot an intruder.

America’s pass-time: Litigation? A New Jersey woman utilizes the American justice system (the same one that endorses and regulates the murder of innocent children) to sue a 12 year old little-leaguer who’s errant throw struck her in her in the face, rendering her (apparently) legally insane.

Personhood signature Resource: Find out about events all over Colorado at which you can gather signatures for Colorado’s Personhood Initiative at the Colorado Personhood Coalition Events Calendar!

The Truth on Romney and Homosexual Marriage in this Popular YouTube: Four talk show hosts, Bob Enyart, Bill Keller, Gregg Jackson, and Steve Deace, try to get the truth out of Ann Coulter in American RTL's Ann Coulter Hang-ups YouTube video:

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