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* Mary Wasn't Homeless; Wasn't a Single Mom: Back when the national media was campaigning against George H.W. Bush and for the Democrat, the country was treated to a daily dose of news reporting on the "homeless." In the rare occasions when the media actually reported a crime committed by these folks, they were then were systematically and only referred to as "transients". So back in those days, Jesse Jackson would claim that Mary and Joseph, who lived in a home in Nazareth, were "a homeless couple". Of course that's not true, they owned a home, but were in need of temporary shelter while traveling.

* Obama Made the Homeless Go Away: Today, with a Democratic president entering his second term, the homeless are not in vogue and mostly ignored (even though the bad economy must be exacerbating homelessness). So, enter MSNBC host Melissa Perry who claimed that Mary was an unwed mother. However, the Gospel of Matthew explains that Joseph promptly wed Mary after hearing from God in a dream that she had not been unfaithful but had conceived when the Holy Spirit overshadowed her. The reason that the Gospel of Luke would still refer to Mary as Joseph's espoused wife when they were in Bethlehem was very likely because, as Matthew states, that Joseph "did not know her till she had brought forth her firstborn Son." Thus the marriage was not consummated until after the child's birth, and so it is not surprising that Luke would refer to Mary still as Joseph's betrothed.

* University of Colorado Offers to Create Low-Crime Dorm: The University of Colorado has offered to create a low-crime dormitory where students who have concealed-carry permits could reside. :)

* Errata: Bob wrongly implied that the word "covet" has had only a negative meaning, whereas it has traditionally meant both a strong desire, and to lust. For example, it is wrong to "covet your neighbor's goods" but it is good to "covet earnestly" the best gifts!

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