The Hunger Games and October Baby

* The Hunger Games and Gladiator: Bob analyzes both movies from the perspective of St. Augustine. In his book, Confessions, Augustine writes of his addiction to watching men kill one another in the gladiator games. Bob argues that both movies, Hunger and Gladiator, suffer from the same moral failure in that the audience vicariously experiences (and somewhat enjoys) what Augustine became addicted to centuries ago, in the approval of the killing of some innocents (and in the Hunger games, even the killing of some children).

* Mike from Colorado Talks About October Baby: Mike raves about this fabulous pro-life movie with high production values! Let's all check it out!

* Legalizing Pot Leads to More Democrats Elected: As a delegate at the Jefferson County Republican Assembly, Bob Enyart warned liberal Republicans who wanted to legalize marijuana that the more people smoke pot, the more Democrats get elected. Even these libertarians couldn't disagree with that.

* BEL Covers the News:
- Tim Tebow's first press conference as a player on the NY Jets (see more)
- The latest study showing global warming is not a man-made phenomenon (see more)
- Judge rules that transgenders should be able to change their birth certificates

Raising Godly Children

Today's Resource: Raising Godly Children. After Bob asked questions of a caller regarding whether or not to bring children to see the movie October Baby, we are reminded of Bob's great three-part video series for parents and grandparents on raising children to honor God. if you haven't seen this, you owe it to yourself and your kids to watch it (and they can watch it with you)! And don't forget, as with all of our materials, BEL has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied!