Roe v. McCorvey on Bob Enyart Live

Program Note: This interview was never broadcast on BEL. Further, this interview page was created in 2012 but was not posted to until May 20, 2020. This was not aired due to Bob's concerns that Norma was wrongly remembering her own history and perhaps, though she sounded perfectly lucid, was losing her mental faculties. See more on this possibility in the 2020 note just below. 

* The Real Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade on BEL: Bob Enyart and vice president of Colorado Right To Life Leslie Hanks interview one of the most controversial figures in modern American history. Norma McCorvey is the real life person named Jane Roe in the Republican U.S. Supreme Court's tragic 1973 abortion case. The Republican Supreme court voted for the ruling, written by Republican Justice Harry Blackman. (If any of this surprises you, please see

2020 Update on McCorvey's Reversal: The left of course relishes this, and Norma McCorvey who had said she became a Roman Catholic may now be in sheol awaiting judgment. The DailyBeast admits to being confused that, if it was all an act, and she was just pretending about her conversion, why did she break off her relationship with her lesbian partner, who she continued to live with for years. The article says that partner expressed devastation that their relationship had ended (even though they continued being roomates). We'll all find out the certain truth eventually, but her interaction with Flip Benham and other Christians may have left her conflicted and not totally lying but also not fully convinced. Perhaps she was just going along with those who hadn't forgotten about her. As to Norma being paid, it's completely routine to pay spokesmen. (Of course though, not if you know it's insincere; and, as a spokesman for CRTL and American RTL, of course they wouldn't pay me and I wouldn't accept it if they did.) It's also routine to discuss talking points. As for Rob Schenck however, who was apparently involved with Norma and who has also since become a pro-homo pro-abort (these typically go together), he was always a dupe. In our abolition trilogy, in Focus on the Strategy 2, he makes this 40-second cameo and we rebuke him for his misinformation, from back on April 18, 2007. Click Play to see that clip...

* Special Guest Announcement: Leslie Hanks is excited to announce that we will introduce a VERY special guest at Friday night's Colorado Right To Life ballot! Please register now (and see ya' there)!

* So, Who's Happier? Roe v. McCorvey? Bob and Leslie learn the rest of the story from Norma McCorvey who was herself guilty, but who also was used by, the U.S. child killing lobby. However, Miss Norma responded to the love of Jesus Christ, repented of living her life without God, and began the fight to protect unborn children. So who is happier? Jane Roe, or Norma McCorvey?

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