Feature creep, poison frogs, & whaddya say?

elephant trunks* Feature Creep Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart discuss articles from two great magazines Answers and Creation, including...

* Elephants Trunks: Engineers wanted to create a robot that reproduces just the function of an elephant's trunk that enables it to manipulate objects. They were astounded to find out that an elephant's trunk has 40,000 muscles that give it its amazing flexibility. If Darwinism were true, then evolution supposedly caused some creature's nose to begin growing longer and longer, enabling it to begin grasping things with its nose. The theory of neo-Darwinism fundamentally claims that evolution has no forward-looking mechanisms. So, without planning, supposedly, the elephant ended up with the additional ability to snorkel (with its trunk, which requires a significant and unique redesign of the lungs), and to siphon drinking water with it, and to spray water into the mouth, to shower with its trunk, to dig with it, to hear better by augmenting already amazing sound reception, to communicate with trumpet blasts, all while evolution (allegedly) also provided through that trunk the elephant's olfactory (smelling) abilities, breathing, and picking up and manipulating anything from a blade of grass to a tree trunk, with all of these features being enabled with no forward looking design planning. And as Dr. Walt Brown points out, damage to an elephant’s trunk usually results in death. Thus adding to the absurdity of the entire Darwinian claim, each of these features would have had to develop and integrate into the overall mission-critical system without sending the species to extinction.

* Poison Dart Frogs: Hunters in South America rub their blowgun darts onto the backs of these frogs to kill large game. But why would God create poisonous frogs? It turns out that Ken Ham's Creation Museum has a poison frog exhibit, which is perfectly safe, because the poison is a result of a very particular food chain, providing an example of a creature that might have been perfectly safe before the Fall but ...

* Two Pastors, Two Paths: One pastor found out that creation ministries like Creation Ministries Int'l are able to demolish the claims that undermine the truth of the Bible, and the other pastor gave into the false teachings of an old earth and evolution. The latter pastor eventually wrote a "letter to the editor" promoting homosexual marriage, arguing that since we no longer believe what the Scriptures and Jesus say about a global flood, we would be wise to also reject the Bible's opposition to homosexuality. Thus, typically, rejecting Genesis leads to rejection of many life-giving biblical truths.

* Gecko Feet: A recent journal paper claims that gecko feet, eleven separate times evolved their amazing ability (like the ability to run across a ceiling), which is similar to many other extreme claims, including for example that eyesight evolved 40 different times!

* Simplest Cell Would Need Half-a-Million DNA Letters: Evolutionary scientists, hoping to show how simple the first life could have been, have shown the opposite, that the simplest demonstrable life requires 500,000 letters of genetic information, ordered in particular sequences! (Remember, that vast quantity of genetic information is just one of many other requirements for life, including the protoplasm, a thousand non-genetic elements in the cell, and the cell's membrane.) For those like Darwin who think that if you get just the right chemical soup, life is likely to arise by chance occurrence, then consider that if you make a frog smoothie (or just observe any decomposing organism), all the chemical elements are there for life, yet no life arises from such chemical stews. Further, like cosmologists typically do, Darwin overreached with his title, Origin of Species, because his story begins with living creatures already in existence. Similarly, Big Bang theorists who claim that they can explain the origin of stars commonly begin their story with pre-existing stars which then explode to provide materials and conditions to form other stars.

* Craig Venter's Simplest Cell: Learn more about this extraordinary technical accomplisment in the journal Science, Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome. And remember that, as reported by the journal Nature in Synthetic genome resets biotech goals, "only the genome of the new cell was custom-built", yet "the researchers refer to the entire cell as 'synthetic'..." Though this Nature news report offers a justification for Venter, not uncharacteristically, exaggerating his extraordinary accomplishment, the parenthetical sentence in the above paragraph demonstrates that Venter's claim is false.

* Salt Water Binds with Phosphate: It's awfully tough for chemists to explain how amino acids begin to chain themselves together in long sequences. Why? Amino acids have very high decomposition and melting points, making it tough to get them to assemble in typical dry conditions on Earth. Now, evolutionists have realized that ions that are ubiquitous in salt water will bind with phosphate, making phosphate unavailable to form DNA, RNA, ATP, and OOPS! And even in fresh water, chemists have long realized that they'd need to get rid of water to assemble amino acid chains. In reality, as the law of biogenesis states, life comes from life!

* Humans Can Hear Each Other Even in Loud Environments: Cell-phone (and hearing aid) engineers are mimicing the human brain's ability to minimize background noise to focus on the human voice. Bob and Fred consider this as evidence against the theory of evolution.  

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