Attorney General, Meet the SBC President

* What Eric Holder and a Southern Baptist President Have in Common: Talking about bad judgment, just as Obama's Attorney General finds out from his own neighborhood that he is wrong to oppose Voter ID, so too Dr. Jack Graham, two-time president of the SBC found out he was wrong to claim that the officially godless public schools are "Christian friendly" when the school nearest his home went so far as to ban red and green napkins for their holiday parties because the colors might remind someone of Christmas.

* BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Clinton on CBS, Lights, Camera, Lie and More Lights: From a classic BEL TV show, Bob plays a clip from Bill Clinton on CBS "denying" that he had an affair just as a studio light explodes over Bill and Hillary. Questions: Was the liberal caller right to criticize Bob for playing the clip over and over (and over)? Was Al Gore in the room? Was Bob right to throw the eagle off the set after a liberal caller wrongly identified it as a fascist symbol? Was Bob right to play the clip again after a liberal caller complained that he played the clip too many times?

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