Republicans Blocking Personhood in Oklahoma

* PLEASE ASK THE OKLAHOMA GOVERNOR TO UNBLOCK THE PERSONHOOD BILL: It is crucial that we all call Gov. Mary Fallin on Monday April 23nd and Tuesday April 24th to help our friends at They'll ask you if you're calling to support or oppose the personhood bill. "I'm calling to support personhood and to urge the governor to find a way to get Bill 1433 to her desk." Hey, if they don't vote pro-life, why should we vote for them? So please call Governor Mary Fallin, 405-557-7345, and for good measure email the Speaker of the House at "I support Personhood! Please bring bill 1433 to a vote!"

* Personhood USA in Studio About Oklahoma: Arriving at the BEL studio from their work at the Oklahoma capitol, Personhood USA co-founder Keith Mason and legal counsel Guabe Garcia Jones announce that every pro-life organization in Oklahoma has supported their 2012 personhood bill, as have all the pro-life church denominations from the Southern Baptists to the Catholic Bishops. More than 10,000 phone calls have already reached the state capitol. Also, an announcement made at every Catholic mass asked for congregants to call their Representatives to ask for a vote on Personhood! Many are asking the question, "If they don't vote pro-life, why should we vote for them?"

MUST SEE VIDEO: Focus on the Strategy II

* Repbulicans Nullifying Conservativism: Check out this important article by Steve Deace affirming personhood and urging the Oklahoma Republicans to get their act together and stop blocking the battle for the baby.

* Today's Resource: A pro-life hero said it best: For the rest of my life, I'm indebted to you. I got your documentary, Focus on the Strategy II. You gave me seven simple words, and I will never look at another piece of pro-life legislation without saying those words. It's a bad law if it concludes, "and then you can kill the baby." - U.S. Congressman Bob Dornan

* The Latest Must-See Creation DVD: Bob highly recommends the fabulous new creation video, Programming of Life! "This is the video that I've been waiting 20 years to see!" -Russ Holmes, board operator, BEL