RSR: ASU Agrees 90% of Marine Species Killed

*  Worldwide Extinction Event Evidence of Hydroplate Theory: Real Science Radio co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams ask whether a new scientific discovery helps to confirm Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory explanation of The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity. In 2011, PNAS, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists, published a paper from Arizona State University, Rapid expansion of oceanic anoxia immediately before the end-Permian mass extinction . "The end-Permian extinction represents the largest mass extinction in Earth history, with the demise of an estimated 90% of all marine species." This catastrophe undoubtedly also diminished the populations of the ten percent of the species that survived. This paper makes a fascinating observation that just may add additional support for the Hydroplate Theory, that the Permian Extinction occurred simultaneously with a dramatic worldwide radioactivity event. If you Google: origin of earth's radioactivity (just try that or see, Google ranks Walt Brown's article as #1 out of 300,000 web pages. And there is a causal connection between Earth's uranium, thorium, etc., and the global flood. You can see that at See also and AiG's article and this embedded video...

*  A (Tail) Bone to Pick with Fox News: After Fox News wrongly claimed that humans have vestigial organs, Bob offers to pay to have Bill O'Reilly's tailbone removed.

* Sea Level Rise and the Earth Divided in the Days of Peleg:  For a couple hundred years after the flood, land bridges connected the Americas to Asia, Australia, and Europe. (That aids understanding of the post-flood migration of people and animals, including "woolly" mammoths.) Today, if you lower sea level by just a few hundred feet, bridges would re-emerge connecting the continents. As mountain ranges settled, they lifted up the earth's great plateaus (Colorado, Tibetan, etc.). And as the entire continents themselves settled back into the mantle, they raised the sea floor dramatically, submerging the post-flood land bridges. The Hebrew name Peleg means to divide by water (like our archipelago, a chain of islands). Thus the Bible says, that "the name of one [son] was Peleg, for in his days the Earth was divided" (Gen. 10:25). Hear Bob Enyart and Walt Brown discuss this in the RSR show, Walt on Where the Water Went.

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* ALERT: The misleading headline in the Times of India, Humans, dinos, lived together, implies that a recent Geological Bulletin of China paper claims evidence of human and dinosaur co-existence. It is the Bible that correctly claims this (and that horses co-existed with dinosaurs, which is true even though it nearly as equally implausible to evolutionists). Perhaps due to translation confusion, sites like are reporting, Humans, dinosaur co-existing tracks found in China. What that Chinese academic journal article actually reports is that 700 years ago many Chinese people recognized the dinosaur tracks in stone that lie in and around their communities.

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