Paterno, Penney's, Sandusky, Unleashed on USA

* Pro-Murderers & Pro-Molester-Enablers: Bob Enyart airs audio from Comedy Central to compare the pro-murderer O.J. Simpson fans to the Penn State folks who want to continue to honor Joe Paterno's name, even though the head coach looked the other way while homosexual Jerry Sandusky raped young boys. Also, Bob tracks J.C. Penney's stock as the bottom falls out since the failing retailer began promoting homosexuality in February. Bob also warned that the devastation that resulted after Catholic seminaries in the 1960s began accepting homosexual applicants is just the tip of the iceberg. As the U.S. also now accepts homosexuality hell itself will be unleashed on our nation as that gross perversion causes institutions and ambitious leaders to look the other way and tolerate homosexual crimes. And tomorrow: Calvary Pastor Dave on BEL.

Bob Enyart & Doug McBurney Burn OJ on Comedy Central
: Jon Stewart of The Daily Show uses a movie title to point out that we all know that O.J. murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman:

This Bob Enyart Live protest of the murderer O.J. Simpson was also reported in Sports Illustrated, the Boston Globe, Houston Chronicle, and hundreds of other papers via the AP, by CNN, Comedy Central, Getty Images, CBS News, the San Francisco Chronicle's Peter Hartlaub, the L.A. Times' Mike Downey, in BBC flashbacks,, People magazine, etc.

A year and a half later, Bob Enyart Live aired live via satellite in twelve cities around the nation. The show moved to a larger studio in South Bend, Indiana, where it began to stretch across the country. At the end of 1998 the show that told people to “Do Right and Risk the Consequences,” was being televised in more than 80 cities, with a potential audience of seventeen million households!

Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney burn O.J. Simpson's memorabilia The burning of the auctioned O.J. memorabilia was reported across the United States, Canada, and the BBC. In a 48-hour period a band of ten individuals wearing black t-shirts turned the L.A. courthouse upside down and generated a media frenzy. The Associated Press article printed in most of the major newspapers across the United States, reported that it was "a protest organized by a Christian radio talk show host." Yet, where did this grouOJ Simpson memorabilia and jerseys being burnedp come from? What was the point? Where did this guy get $16,000 to buy the items?"

"It's no longer a justice system, now it's just a system," said Bob Enyart. "We are destroying O.J. Simpson’s property in front of the L.A. courthouse because the criminal justice system is destroying justice before our very eyes."

The message received a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some booed and displayed thumbs down, while others shook their hands and cheered. And of course there is the reaction of Simpson himself;

"I wonder about the mentality involved in this. The guy’s burning up $16,000 he could use to fight AIDS or help kids with cancer or even donate to battered (women’s) homes.” -O.J. Simpson

To which Bob responded, "O.J. is not qualified to decide what is right or wrong" and through the Associated Press, "O.J. wants to beat up women and have others pay to protect them."

See more on this including the three justice system reforms Enyart called for at

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