Jason Burkey star of October Baby on BEL

* Interview With a Hollywood Star: Bob Enyart and Jo Scott interview Jason Burkey, lead actor in "October Baby" talking about the making of, and the message of, the film. The opposite of a typical college movie "October Baby" is intensely human, thoughtful, funny, and life affirming! Jason's character, "Jason" is a likable college student that is the hero of the film while living life under the pressure of intensely emotional circumstances. Bob and Jo highly recommend that everyone take their friends to see this movie. (Jo says, "Bring tissue!") Jason joins Bob and Jo about six minutes into the program.
* Baby Saved Today in an Unusual Way: After hearing this story, Jason Burkey congratulated Jo Scott on saving another child! Before today's program began, a baby was saved! A woman called Jo asking for help to GET an abortion. Jo talked her out of the abortion and now the woman has agreed to meet in the morning to discuss what kind of help that she needs since she's keeping her baby. Praise the Lord!


* Another Tragic School Shooting: A tragic shooting took place in Oakland, California at a Christian college this morning. Seven people were killed and three others were reported wounded.